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    etsy pet paintings

    Love the color and fit!!!
    These sunglasses were exactly as described, quality was better than I thought for the price.
    Love it! Fits perfect!
    These sweatshirts are for veterans for Xmas we all get together and send something every year they can always use them
    I absolutely love this bag. It's exactly what I needed to downgrade from my larger bag. I use it to carry all my necessities. Wallet, glasses, makeup and small notebook. The construction is beautiful and can be used as a crossbody or shoulder strap. The straps are comfortable and perfect height. This would make a wonderful gift for any woman.
    low quality
    Hubby loves these for workouts.
    I ordered 2 of these in a pack in size 3X. I wear that size in pretty much every shirt I buy from every source. This shirt is so short, it literally doesn't cover my belly button. I could never wear this shirt out anywhere. I can barely wear it in the privacy of my own house. Both shirts are the same. This is ridiculous, and I would recommend buying these shirts ONLY if you're below 5'2" in the 3X size. Aw, who am I kidding? I wouldn't recommend buying these shirts at all. DON"T BUY THESE SHIRTS! You've been warned.
    I am a professional pet sitter/dog walker in CA. I am in the sun ALL day ~ this hat keeps me SO cool, my head doesn't even get sweaty! My whole neck and hair are covered too. It fits very well and has adjustable strap. It's got a 50+ sunscreen (I've had skin cancer 16 times, so it's hats for me forever)! Buy this hat, you will LOVE it.
    I was worried this card holder would stretch out or my cards would fall out, but nope! It's perfect.
    Fits nicely and wears well. Got just what I ordered.
    Overall good quality, soft, and breathable cotton.. Just as described . Would recommend as an under shirt or nightshirt
    Misleading description thought it was Dri-Fit and it's not
    When I saw this necklace, I knew it was a perfect gift for my sister. The connected circles perfectly represent the relationship that my sister and I have together. The necklace is beautiful - dainty and classy! When I received the necklace, it was a bit longer than I would prefer it to be. Thinking that I would "just deal" with it, I decided to reach out to Efy and give her my feedback. Almost immediately, she responded to my email and said "let me help." She went out of her way to make me 100% happy with my purchase, and couldn't have been nicer about it. You can tell she truly loves what she does and puts that love into her jewelry. I am completely satisfied with my purchase and will be purchasing more from Efy. Good luck with your business!
    This is Great minimalist...
    Love this wallet!!! Slim and comfortable!!
    Design -> Great!
    Quality -> Great!
    Delivery -> So so
    Overall -> Very good!!!
    All pairs have rough material at the inside seems. Scratchy and uncomfortable, had to toss them.
    Scratched the lenses within the first week while standing in line at a Starbucks. Didn't feel them hit anything but they have multiple huge gashes right in front of my eye, making hem pretty much unusable. I have Oakleys, Smiths, Arnnets and even knock offs that have seen much more abuse, been dropped off of my head multiple times, etc. and the lenses have held up better.

    Great to look at these things on a shelf, but I wouldn't recommend wearing them.
    Love columbia and was looking for a lighter blue,, it's more like royal blue.
    Good Quality
    Can use it in different configurations with one pair of earring.
    I love how light most of them are (the pink ball earrings are the only ones with a little weight). Overall, great deal!
    Nice socks. Thick and comfortable.
    Amazing product and the price is so reasonable . Light cotton and wash well no shrinkage. It's my second order and will order again
    I LOVE IT!!!!
    Poor quality. The quality is so worse. And I think it is not silver at all. Dont buy it for you kids , it will hurt you baby. And it will loose very easily!!!
    Like that this is very thin and lightweight and flexible .