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    personalised protective phone case

    Family loved it
    Its small and cheap looking. The straps are very short and there are not pockets.
    Great actually fits nicely
    Not exactly what i was expecting, the materials are just vinyl starting to peel off after 10 days of use
    bought these for my husband as a replacement for for his old versions, and he loves them.
    Excellent item
    You get what you pay for.
    Love this jacket. If it gets to cold then I use this as an outer shell with some type of sweater underneath. Fits perfectly and I don't feel the cold wind through this jacket. I would definitely buy again if I ever needed another jacket, and will certainly refer other guys who are looking for a new winter jacket or even a light jacket it general.
    The best feature of this wallet is that it is not bulky. You have room for a few coupons as well as credit cards and cash.
    I purchased the Southpole Men's Basic Jogger Pants, I bought them because they were priced very competitive with other brands. I personally did not like the fit on my legs, I wanted them to be a little loose, these seem tight. I also don't like the feel, they just dont feel that soft compared to other brands. I would recommend buying if you don't like the loose fit.
    One of the triangle shaped earrings was broken open opening and one of the circle shaped earrings is deformed. But, what do you expect at that price.
    This is my second minimalist wallet, and I only switched to this one because of someone else I knew who had it. The little pull strip is GENIUS. Some minimalist wallets make it difficult to pull individual cards out, but this one gives me super easy access to my most-used three or four cards. It also holds a bunch more while still staying slim! Love it.
    I have not had a nice pair of white jeans in a long time. I returned to 501's after wearing Levi's 550 relaxed jeans for several years. I was surprised to find out they still fit great and also a little surprised to find out how thin they have become. Of course, with any jeans, the idea is not to get them dirty and to limit the number of times they go into the wash... So far, they have held up very well and have not gotten dirty after several wears...
    Llego a tiempo y buenas los lentes
    Mom loved it
    Fits very well, good quality, as described overall very satisfied
    My 3 year old niece loved it.
    They're good enough, but they have no opening in the pouch area. I guess they expect guys that like to work out to be squatters. They aren't as nice as the Under Armour active underwear, but they are half the price. If they had an opening I may buy more.
    Great pants for the price. Will probably buy all my pants from Amazon now, since getting pants in my tall/awkward size is pretty hard sometimes
    I live in Chicago and am very skeptical about wearing my real jewelry when Im out and about. Ive had these earrings for over 2 months and each pair have not lost color or the brilliance. I get many compliments when I wear them. Highly suggest purchasing. Rare these days that you actually get a good value for your money no matter how small the amount.
    This belt has an great buckle design, super easy to adjust tightness, and no holes for the single prong pin in the belt.
    We finally found glasses that are great for riding ATV's. I didn't think the yellow lens would be used much but they are the go to on cloudy days. We also like them in the dark. Totally block glare. The dust stays out of our eyes even on the longest road rides with a bunch of machines. They work as well as the big goggles without the bulk and annoying head strap.
    Not exactly what described in advertisement !
    These are terrific hats for the money. Understand, they are soft and unstructured which I prefer over stiff ballcaps. The putty color is closer to khaki vs. say, ecru or ivory.
    Tooooo small. Gave away
    I'm very happy with this wallet. I wanted something sleek and simple in design, a place to put my coins inside, and it to be big enough to hold all my cards without being too big and bulky. I found all three criteria filled with this wallet. I wouldn't mind if there were a few less dividers so I could hold a few more cards (by category in each holder of course), but I still like it.
    Nice color but runs big on my face. I have a narrow face tho.
    Material not see thru but could be a little thicker for maximum protection. I would figure out a way to insert a tissue underneath. I'mm gonna stitch to adjust. Size but cute look. Covers neck as well even after pulling tighter.
    Best $30 youll ever spend in your life. If your reading this, stop thinking about it. THIS IS THE ONE YOU WANT. It looks like I lost 40 pounds in all the spots that matter. While I am losing weight with dieting, this helps so much with self confidence. Very breathable too and doesnt feel like a weight on your chest. I wear mine all day and at the gym and its so darn comfy and snug! Make sure to read the sizing instructions. Im ordering 3 more!!
    Hey ladies, I know most of us struggle to find the perfect socks for the man in our life... Well I do anyway. I have a very picky man, and clothes shopping for him is no easy task (especially online shopping), but he has been enjoying these socks for two weeks now. :)
    these are best for size 38, 30 length man.