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funny custom pet portraits


    funny custom pet portraits

    Barrett's work focuses on nature surrealism and exploring darker realms that hint on macabre but don't stray too far from the light. Self taught and running on little more than too much coffee and passion, Barrett blends digital art painting and photographic techniques to make detailed traditional looking compositions. However there is no "one" style that defines him because his greatest joy in art is being able to experiment and play in new looks. He now is more engaged with dark art mixing with animals, nature and emotional subjects.


    I love this purse. it has lasted me so far and I used it all the time. its the perfect size and keeps the shape pretty well. no cracking yet.
    I wear it daily and I love it! Its pretty and a practical length. I have a chestnut mare so I thought the rose gold reminded me of her which it does once I received it.
    Nice quality, but much bigger than I expected.
    These were for my husband. They're fine.
    I bought this as a gift for my husband because he keeps his wallet in his front pocket. He has back issues and sitting on a wallet while driving is uncomfortable for him, so he has always tried to cram a standard wallet into his front pocket. He is very happy with this product. It has enough space to hold his cards without all of the bulk of a standard wallet.
    Thank you and would order again
    Cute for a little girl (especially if shes clumsy and youre afraid its going to break). Feels plastic, but looks nice around neck from afar
    Great socks for running, wicks moisture well and prevents blisters
    Hey, they fit and make the boys happy.
    Very pretty. The only problem I have is it's very small. But if you're going on a simple date or event it will be awesome.
    My husband got a blue one & a forest green, & I got a blue one & a red one. We love 'em. We're always looking for warm clothes in the winter, & this does it for us. The colors are vibrant, almost fluorescent.
    Okay, I LOVE these socks. I'm a weirdo about my feet. I absolutely cannot stand my feet being bare. They always have to be at least in socks. Normally I buy the cheapo socks from the store, but I decided to sample some new ones and OMG I have been missing out. These socks look better, they feel amazing, and they stay nice and snut on my feet without stretching out or falling down throughout the day. I've already bought a second set and intend to buy many more.
    My daughters loves it and it's a perfect size.
    Perfect. Better than I expected.
    they're comfortable and sturdy and well good socks. I'm jsut going to go for a more otton blend next time because the fabric breathes better.
    I own wranglers and I ordered the right size. When they arrived they did not fit at all. Disappointed.
    Super cute wallet that goes with everything! Has a ton of room and compartments as well. My only complaints is that darn glitter sheds EVERYWHERE ARGH!!! But ill live, it IS A GLITTER WALLET after all! ;)
    Still cold in them with a breeze, when i go out to the field in 30 degrees F
    For me, these Hold-Ups are the only way to go with suspenders. The annoyance of suspenders coming unattached simply is not there.
    They have been worth my while.
    Very good
    I am disappointed because the fit is boxy and looks masculine and sort of frumpy. I'm glad I have it but will look for one with a touch more style!
    I really like the color of the gem. But the chain lacks luster and feels too thin. I would've preferred a thicker chain which would feel sturdier to me.
    Great for yard work so dirt that doesn't wash isn't obvious.
    Buena calidad.
    Very comfortable socks, and nice quality for the price. They do appear to run ever-so-slightly small....not cutting circulation or anything like that, but a tad tighter than most other similar socks I have bought.

    The only other "outdoor socks" I ever liked as much as these were some Timberland made a while back that were very cushiony with 1% of rubber weaved into the heel, but I haven't seen those around, at least not a made-in-the USA version. The Timberland Boot socks I see now are made in China. No thanks.

    These are now my fav socks for winter/outdoor, etc. For the price you can't beat them, especially for Merino wool, made in the USA .
    Good product- durable and slim. Would recommend to friends and family