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photo phone case iphone 5s

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    photo phone case iphone 5s

    Very well made. Fits great. Looks awesome.
    great gift
    Really like these. Very silky, deep pockets, well made.
    It's a decent shirt, not soft but not too rough. Normally I wear a Large shirt, and I read that these ran a bit big so I ordered a medium. Their size scale is really not accurate, as I measured my chest and neck and use the chart to determine the size I should order. The neck is too small (luckily they have buttons so I can leave the top one forever unbuttoned) but the chest and length are significantly too long. I should have ordered a Small or Extra Small (my knees don't exactly need to be covered by the shirt).
    I liked the shirt so much i ordered 4 more!
    The socks arrived on time and are great compression socks. Even at 62, they go up almost to my knee. Definitely recommended.
    nice and thick with a beautiful finish
    I've had this wallet for a couple of weeks now and so far so good. It fits well in my front pocket and holds 8 or so cards! It gets a lot of compliments too!
    I recently had surgery on August 30th 2019. I purchased this item after my doctor has cleared me from limited duty. Doctor said my ankle will swell up from time to time because it takes about 1 year to fully heal from the swelling. He did mention to maybe buy some compression socks to help keep the swelling down. Well I found these bad boys!

    They fit very snug and most of all kept my swelling down. I love it. It did its job. Thank you and I use it everyday!
    Seemed fake
    This is my third purse in this style (in about a dozen years). I like the no-nonsense materials that last a long time. The strap style has been updated to be smoother and wider, and the strap is more securely attached to the bag. It has just enough pockets, and the checkbook fits inside. It's big enough for what I carry, but not a giant bag.
    Was what I was looking for. It's spiky and nice that's all you really need.
    The concept is good. The casing is made of metal that scratches the card when inserting them. Plastic material would be a more wise decision in my opinion.
    Not too thick to be too hot in the summer heat but heavy enough to rely on them for work
    I have purchased 4 other brands and they all turned out to be too small and shrunk after washing. These fit well and didn't shrink when washed.
    Fit as expected, comfortable.
    Great wallet; high quality, good finish. After two weeks of use, I'm very happy with it.
    Great wallet! Never going back to a full size one again.
    The length is ok, it is somewhat tight and I didn`t like the material, it is transparent and thin.
    Five stars isn't enough. I absolutely love this bag. It's smaller than I expected but I suppose that's a good thing. Don't be deceived by appearance--it holds a lot without looking bulgy. I will have more peace of mind in my travels, knowing my valuables are safer. I love all the individual pockets, both inside the pouch and outside. Rather than having one big wallet inside that can easily be pick-pocketed, I can keep my valuables in separate pockets for safer storage. The top zipper curls around to the side of the bag facing my body, making it extremely difficult for someone else to access. It's made of quality material and features RFID Blocking Credit card slots.

    I also love the color. I purchased in purple, which gives the accessory a nice pop of color to complement an outfit without drawing too much attention to the bag.
    Gold Toe socks always are more soft and cushiony than other socks. I appreciate being able to buy these in extra-large size to fit my husbands size 13 feet. They wash up and wear well. This is probably my third time buying them and will continue as they are his favorite socks.
    Ordered the 3 pairs of earrings and only got 1, paid $15 for them. Dont recommend.
    Super slim and great quality money clip wallet. The Swiss just know how to make a great product.
    This was for myself but I end up give it as a gift.
    They are comfortable to wear. I wear them to go to the gym to workout
    Great blush color but bag was smaller than I expected.
    it was poor quality, the backs on one of them won't come off... We have tried everything. They can't be used. Very unhappy. I'm sorry I purchased them. and now we can't get our money back.