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    oil paint my pet

    I love this bag! I would get 5 more I wasn't already trying to clean out my closet right now. It's perfect.
    It was way bigger than i thought
    Great t-shirts, perfect transaction!
    must have!
    Necklace is scratchy and stiff. The chain doesnt stay at desired length. Looks cheap.
    Just to carry some cards and some cash. Fits perfect in either front or back pocket and so flat and convenient. Feel safer just having that in pocket that non one sees or can grab. Hands are free. Would like more colors for females. Suggestion.
    Good material and protects very good
    fit good, look good but the material is too strong! it can hurt
    Beautiful bag!!!! Great quality and def does not feel cheap!!!!! I do wish is was a tad bigger! But I am overall satisfied and this will do the job!
    I've always liked these brand of shorts. Have a couple of other pairs that have slim pockets down the sides, these don't. Can wear them anywhere not just golfing, very casual look. Another great thing about them is that they are virtually impossible to stain, and never need ironed.
    Just what I need to keep my glasses from falling down! Love this!!!
    Good belt
    Love love love this ring. Everything about it. I have owned many moissanites a and this one is by far the prettiest. It is well cut with deep facets. Very very little warmth/not yellow. Gorgeous.
    I bought this for my boyfriend and after a few days the stitching started coming undone. The straw was all sticking out and looked very tacky. I called Amazon and they took care of the issue (Their customer service is AMAZING) - but I personally wouldn't purchase this again.
    Fits nice. Very comfy.
    I bought this bag for myself (I'm 40) to go out with my friends. It's really cute and has enough room for the things that I need on a night out with my friends. I love this purse. My best friend also loved it (she's 30). I like that it has handles but also comes with a removable strap so that I can wear it crossbody if I choose to. I also love, love, love the adorable heart that hangs off of it!
    great product nice and warm used during -10 weather.
    For the price, can't go wrong !
    Fits well and exactly what expected.
    Bought this for my granddaughter. Her shorts and pants never have a pocket for her cell phone so this will be an easy way to carry her cellphone and earbuds. She loved it.
    Perfect size and texture
    This money clip is awesome. The magnet is strong and wont let your money fall out. If your feeling rich and want to carry a lot of money you might have a problem, this clip only can hold ten bills. If your reading this you should buy it you won't regret it.
    i ordered 6xlt pants. i got my package and the tags on packaging said 6xlt. i opened the bags and went to wash them and noticed they were not big. so i looked at the tag andd saw xlt. i ordered 4 pair. i stated looking at all tags and i had 2 6xlt and 2 xlt. now i understand mistakes. i did an online exchange. returned the 2 xlt pairs for another 2 6xlt pairs. the 2nd shipment came and before opening the bag the pants were in i fumbled around the find the tag and......yup 2 more pair of xlt with 6xlt packaging. so i just did a refund and sent those 2 pairs back. as for the pants themselves i love them, the softness, and room that i like...hehe
    Beautiful necklace for a birthday. Comes with all the accessories as described by seller. Comes in a box and box has a card inside.
    Very good
    Great material, look, and feel! Fits perfectly as expected.