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    portrait pencil drawing

    Good belt but the part that buckles is too large for some belt loops.
    This backpack was perfect for what I needed. Enough compartments, and good for day trips. Great color too! The only thing I dont like is branding to show (but I obviously knew it would before purchasing). Great value!!
    Great socks
    Very cute. Good quality.
    This purse is the perfect size for me. Lots of pockets, very well made, genuine rich leather. The only thing I would suggest is that you put pictures of the credit card pocket as one of the illustrations because I did not know it had one, and almost did not purchase because of that. I have highly recommended this purse to many friends who don't like large purses. It's just right.
    Looking at a screen with these is like watching a 3D film without 3D glasses. Looking at my phone with these on is practically an instant migraine
    These glasses fit differently than the black pair. Not as flexible material. Like the color.
    I needed a new wallet and came across this one and after reading the reviews decided to purchase this one. I like the idea of card security system the most.
    No manual provided ... i am not sure if it is new watch
    My husband likes these socks and the larger size fits his size 13 much better. Can't always find them in local stores, so Amazon to the rescue!
    It was not sturdy enough.
    I love this charm the color, shine and sparkle matched perfectly with my pandora charms.
    The wallet is thin like advertised and very good quality
    Product as described! Great quality! Super long!!!! I LOVE IT! Delivery to my APO address was super quick!
    Really good value. Lots of cute little earrings.
    Strongly recommend this company and their products.
    Item is as described. Recipient was happy with product. Only negative is it said Prime shipping and it took 4 days.
    Great PJs for my granddaughter
    I knew what I was getting when I Ord e red these. I saw a lot of complaints in the reviews that these don't fit larger glasses but if they read t :) e full they will find very clear statement s regarding the size glasses that these are made for. One place it states that these are designed for small to medium frames and another place it states that it may be difficult to attach these to any glasses that the arm is larger than 1 cm. . These perfectly resolved an issue I have. I wear small frame sunglasses. They have to have a small arm because it causes issues with my ears and headaches. I have trouble finding straps to hold my sunglasses. Therefore, I am always losing sunglasses and if I don't lose them they become a major distraction because they are always falling. These Sport Sunglass Holder Straps by Art my are the perfect solution.
    I liked getting a pack of five because I put a couple pair away for the next pair of glasses and the rest I used in my grandchildren sunglasses. I had to cut off some of the rubber part of course to make them fit but they are perfectly snug on both the kids glasses and on mine.
    Disclaimer: I received this product at a reduced rate for my honest and unbiased review. I use the established star rating standards according to he Amazon TOS and he opinions stated here are 100 percent mine.b

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    works great and have everything I need in a easy convenient purse.
    Perfect for my cruise to Mexico!!! Great color and fit!!! Good quality!
    Very comfortable and the fit is better than any other brand I have tried. The "breathable" weave is very soft and comfortable and stretches nicely where it needs to.
    These are awesome. Fit perfect, great quality. and for the price, cant be beat
    I also have had concerns, the same as so many other reviewers of these jeans, and experienced the same quality issues. These jeans, however, seem to be back to the Levi's quality they used to have. The denim is thicker than previous pairs, the pockets, stitching, and zipper all seem to be tougher as well. And they fit perfectly. I notice these are made in Columbia, whereas my previous pairs were from Mexico and Vietnam. I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but it's worth noting, and these jeans are excellent.
    She loved it. Can confirm no nickel
    Its thick and made of great material love it
    Fits nicely. Highly recommend.
    fits great and love the look
    Great customer service. Terrific product.