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    discounted canvas prints

    Great belt so far so good.
    I want to give a big shout out to frame spot, for sending my authentic sunglasses! I put the GLG code on came out to be 100 authentic! Perfect condition with a perfect price. Thanks frames spot for the hookup.
    It holds a surprising number of cards and is much more functional than I anticipated. Great product. Was able to completely ditch my old bill fold
    smells really bad when it arrives like chemicals but overall its a good clutch for any event.
    Exactly what i was looking for! Perfect for riding the harley at night.
    Great product! Very satisfied with this purchase! These Dickies Crew Socks are easy to put on without a struggle! They are sized, perfectly. A good purchase!
    These are Sooooo comfortable and wear & look just as the picture shows !!! I'd buy again.
    Love these! Bought them for my daughter who is mastering potty training. The boyshorts cut works as they have the shorts appearance for in the house around her brothers. They cover her butt well and are easy for her to pull up and down.
    Nice hard case that keeps my glasses from getting scratched up. When I travel I put my glasses in the case and the case in my pocket or bag. It keeps them from getting crushed are scratched as a good case should. Would buy again.
    Great durability and compact size. Fits more than 12 cards nicely.
    Love them on my hubby and he love them too
    The layout and the size were perfect, just what I was looking for, but was very disappointed with the center zipper being broken!
    Its good. I like very much.
    Leather seems to be OK, the overall wallet is thick... The credit card slots a very tight. It also has the company logo on the outside. Does it work? Don't know.... Would not recommend this wallet to a friend.
    too long, like a mini skirt
    My granddaughter wanted this for Christmas. So, I think she will like it!
    This is a great belt, nice enough for work but not too dressy that you cannot use it with a pair of jeans. Great job on this product.
    slightly thinner than other products that they have but still soft and warm here with 40 degree weather.
    My son loves the jacket
    Great Crossbody bag.
    Beautiful, sized correctly. Great item for the price. Will be buying when I need another. Highly recommend.
    This polo from Calvin Klein is made of the most heavenly fabric called liquid cotton and my son loves it. It is thin (but not sheer at all). silky smooth and has quite a bit of stretch.

    The Pacific color is a very pale blue that has a grayish undertone.

    The cut of the shirt is definitely what I would call body conscious. The sleeves are slim cut and much shorter than regular mens shirts to emphasize the upper arm. The body is cut rather slim but straight and the length a little shorter than usual. Again, this is all about a body hugging design.

    There is a very small Calvin Klein logo located at the left chest which is a kind of soft gray, raised, rubbery material bonded to the shirt. It looks like fine, dense embroidery until you get very close. The sleeves, the 3 button placket and the collar are a fine rib knit and are expertly applied. I LOVE that the shoulder and neck seams actually have a contrasting piping sewn into the interior for strength and to retain the shirt's shape. There are two shallow vents at the hem for ease in movement. Everything about the materials and construction of this shirt says quality.

    The biggest issue is the fit. Although it says regular fit, it really isn't IMO. This shirt is designed to look amazing on men who are very fit and very lean and built like runners or perhaps recreational swimmers. Men who have heavily developed muscles with have problems with the sleeves being too tight. Men who have heavily developed backs, chests and shoulders will find that entire area too tight. Men who have any appreciable belly will find it highlighted in an unflattering way.

    That said, my almost 14 year old son loves this shirt. He prefers shirts that fit very close to the body. He is 6' tall and weighs 150lbs with super wide shoulders and not much chest development. Because the liquid cotton has a lot of stretch, it fits him beautifully (even his shoulders) and his only complaint is that when he raises his arms, the shirt comes up well above his navel. However, he has a long torso so this happens in most of his shirts.

    If you have a runner's build and minimal body fat, you'll probably look great in it, too. If you have a normal, average build or <gasp> have a few extra pounds, this shirt will wreak havoc with your self esteem. No matter what your build, don't remove the tags and try it on immediately so you'll be able to return if it isn't flattering to you.
    Good value. Same as box store prices.
    I bought these on a lightning deal and honestly had low expectations and they turned out amazing! They came with a great case and a cleaning cloth too. They fit really well, not too tight. I'm so pleased with them I am considering purchasing another pair as a backup!
    It is exactly what I wanted......and had reasonable shipping....I highly recommend this product!
    Lightweight, long sleeve, comfortable to wear. Not sure how well the shirt blocks the sun's rays.

    Negative, one sleeve unravelled at the slave's sleeve, so how to fix? Past the 30 day return, since I took it on a trip.
    Feels so nice inside!
    I love my compression socks