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    canvas painting disney

    This wallet feels so good and looks very good too ! I bought about 3-4 months ago and it doesnt show any tear or rips. Its worth the price and I will be buying another one soon.
    I had it in size small, but it has a wide shoulder cut.
    It seems to be unisex rather than women scrub as it has no curves.
    Textile is of moderate quality, it got ruined with excessive washing.
    Generally not recommended
    The x-large size was too large so I ordered a large size well; the large was too small... Nevertheless, the fabric is very comfortable and the variety of colors can make for a very attractive T-shirt. Recommended if you can find the right fit.
    Hat was stuffed into a tiny bag(narrower than the hat was wide) Creases and folds will not come out.

    Pictures say it all.
    Theyre big but they hang just right for me. Ive had these for about two years and I never take them off they have held up great . I would order again.
    I like the stretchable head band and the wide brim, however the hat was shipped in a flat box, about 3 or 4 inches tall and came smashed flat. I tried to straighten it out but it still has not regained its shape. This should have been shipped in a larger container. Just so you folks may know that is how it will probably arrive at your place.
    good shirts well worth the money
    The fit was good, but didn't cut the glare enough for me
    Good material
    I purchased two. One as a gift and one for me. I love my new pocket credit card protector. I am thinking about buying several for Christmas gifts. Still waiting for my free item.
    Just received my Julbo Vermont, the glasses are absolutely great, I love them and it gives me that edgy look I was looking for ! Plus, they seem to be very well built.
    The shipping was extremely quick, I ordered them 4 days ago and I am living in Mauritius.

    However, I noticed in the package that there is no hard case for this 150$ spectacles ... It's such a shame and I am very disappointed.
    For this reason, I am not able to give five star as, in my opinion, high end glasses must come with a hard case.
    Is there a mistake in the package ? I would be grateful if the seller can get in touch with me in order to have an explanation.
    If other consumer have the same problem, please tell me.
    Love my ring it's perfect nice and shinny.
    Dont fit as expected
    Husband loves.
    He really likes the ratcheting feature. He is hoping the plastic ratchet prongs hold up.
    Description says nickle free but my ears turned green in 3 days of use of a single pair of these. Very unhappy about this product.
    Love the bag looks just like the picture
    Needed something compact to just grab and go, and this definitely fits the purpose.
    My boys loved them. Great fit.
    Fits as expected and great shirt. Exactly what I was looking for. Wear out on the soccer sidelines and to the pool. Perfectly versatile and comfortable.
    I bought these for my son and they were way too small. Id definitely order a size or 2 up.
    My heart says 5 stars, but my head says 4. So by now you've probably read that this thing can demagnetize your cards... but that really doesn't take away too much from what this thing really is. It's more than just a regular wallet. When you hold this thing in your hand, there's this special feeling that just resonates from it. It feels smooth, it looks freaking sleek and you can tell there's something special about it. Playing with it is unusually satisfying. If you're someone that who likes to fidget with things in your hand, this is for you. As my buddy put it, " Ay, I have to say it's pretty bad a$$". The cards fit perfect, the only time you'll ever really have issues is if your cards kind of slide up from shaking it around, you may have trouble opening it up. Not a deal breaker tho. All cards are different, so that's expected.

    I've been using mine for about 2 weeks now I had one card demagnetized but because it was my fault. I sat on it in my car and it came apart and it rubbed all over my credit card. That one was my fault. But in terms of regular use I haven't had any other issues... so far.

    The one thing I should point out (not quality related) I ordered an expansion never came. Thanks to Amazon I got a refund, but now I'm caught up between "should I order again?" Or "should I not?" I'll see how things go in the next few weeks. Maybe I'll try ordering again.
    This bag looks really nice and is a pretty color, but it smells so bad. It smells like sour soap. I tried to air it out for a day before I used it but I carried it for a couple of hours yesterday and it made me nauseas.
    Decent quality undershirt. Fits as expected. Lightweight shirt. Comfortable for wearing around the house. However, the shirt doesn't retain its shape when wearing; once the sleeves stretch, it will stay that way till you wash again. Hate how the collar rolls after a couple of hours of wearing.
    I wear size 13 socks. These were definitely size 11 or smaller.
    I bought this to take to Disney World in March. It was perfect. It held everything I needed including camera, cell phone, credit cards, cash, Kleenex, etc. Light as a feather and great adjustable shoulder strap. I recommend it to anyone traveling!
    Normally I buy my Levi's at Macy's or the Levi's Outlet by my house so I first I was kind of skeptical buying them online because I know some of the LRG shirts they say were fake but I went ahead and I bought them they were exactly the right color and size that I ordered I looked at the inside that had all the right stamps and I ended up on a pain less than half of what they cost at Macy's so I'm pretty happy and I will be buying more.
    I like the size and texture .
    I've been looking for a nice looking but not expensive shopping/travel cross body purse, this fits the bill. Fits my iphone 7 plus perfectly in front pocket while I can get my keys and little card holder in other pocket. Some people say it's heavy, I do not find that at all. Mine even came with a free scarf in great blue colors, which was a wonderful added touch. My only complaint is I wish I bought several more during the lightening deal to give as gifts. The way it was packaged was so nice, made it seem like an expensive item, it would make an excellent gift.
    Indestructible. These things have been dropped, kicked, stuck under a carseat, dragged across beach sand, had grubby kid fingers all over the lenses and they still look good.
    I got as expected, thanks AMAZON.