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    dog carriers that look like purses

    Good price, nice variety, and prices some relief
    A little small but overall great price for how many you get
    Everything I expected!
    I got this balaclava, and it fits great, is totally breathable! Love it! Great value and great product!
    LOTS of zippered storage in and out. The top zipper reveals the main body cavity which is wide open with a deep zipper pocket on one side and 2 vertical pockets on the other. Outside, there is a super deep zipper on the back side. On the front side, there are actually 3 zipper pockets - one is hidden in the picture. There are one elastic pocket on each end side for additional space.

    It is light weight but the nylon is a very nice quality so it looks beautiful for a higher-end appearance. Slightly padded lining inside is a wonderful feature.

    The wide strap is very comfortable on the shoulder, but I wish it had some kind of gripper/rubber on the underneath side to keep it on your shoulder.
    Perfect for my 2 year old! The posts are long enough to avoid cutting into her ears and she can't take them out and lose them. They are super cute too!
    My boyfriend loves it!
    Great shirt and value
    Ive used this wallet for over a year now and I feel confident saying it will hold up to regular use. Quality grade of leather, good stitching, minimal branding.
    They do come in different colors but they're still really good and comfortable
    Beautiful! However Ive only had the bracelets since Sept 2, 2019 and already theres a stone missing in the childs bracelet. Upsetting!
    after two washes on pear had a separation between the waste band and the boxer.
    Love this wallet! I keep so many cards on me and never could find a wallet that fit everything I wanted to carry with me daily. I'm amazed at how many cards can fit, can even put double to triple cards in single slots, lots of cash, my phone, receipts and such and still closes just fine. My husband also loves it because it keeps me much more organized as I had cards all in my purse due to them not fitting. Going to purchase many colors :)
    my old wallet has been around so long its now finally fallen apart. I am happy with my purchase of this new one:) cute, seemingly durable, and slightly bigger than i anticipated which is actually fabulous.
    This bag is so tacky and cheap looking ...very shiny and fake look to it ..not even close to what the picture shows it to look like ... definitely not worth 70 dollars save you're money and time returning ...don't buy this joke of a bag
    I always wear a tee shirt. This set is just right and well priced
    Bought a 2XL, more like a XL. But warm in bed at night.
    Just as explaind! My husband loved it!
    The heart isnt even connected to the necklace, so I guess I throw it in the garbage. It reads youre angles in white ,the world best nurse! Awful grammar
    Love these wallets. They have tons of space and hold up nice.
    my husband love this shirt
    Wanted something for lounging around the house and sleep. Because for work I use Duluth Co. underwear and socks, and there constricting for all day and night use. And there $20 a pair so I don't want to wear them out by using them all day and night. So I usually change after work. These are good. But they give way after about 20min. What I mean is they fit well when you put them on....but after about 20min of moving around they become super stretched and fit like one size bigger then they are. Not in the waist. But everywhere else. Good for the price. And fabric is soft. They seem fairly durable after some washs. Overall good for the price. But knowing they stretch easily I would have gone with a size smaller.
    Great quality!
    It works great under my clothes and very comfortable. I purchased it to work out in but decided to wear it everyday because of the fit.
    Beautiful earrings. Great size but they stick out too far. Felt like i had to wear them very tight to face out the right way. After a while they start to get loose and start to hang down. Doesn't look good. Bought new ones that are flatter.
    Great Quality and Designs!
    The item is legitimate, it included the Adidas logo and the original packaging.
    Very nice wallet. Good color. NIce stitching throughout. The size of the zipper pocket is nice and big and it has many card slots and places to keep coupons, gift cards, receipts and notes. Love it!
    Size Large is somewhat too large