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    Great Short!
    Tried other brands of shirt stays and gave up with them completely until I saw these. The no slip clip does work and has not ripped any shirts after a month of use; The clips hold onto even the thickest of shirt materials, and they are 100% adjustable. Best brand out there.
    Bought this in a large for comfy lounging instead of stealing my husbands! Besides the fuzz magnet, they keep me nice and warm & not too hot.
    Love that it fits right in my pockets of pants of jacket.
    Well made, love the feel and look.
    This product was purchased by my wife who loves one for herself.
    So i'll be ordering another one soon.
    for the money these shades are great. decent construction and better sun blocking capability than I expected for cheap sunglasses. Don't expect them to be raybans but you get more than you pay for in my opinion
    Very comfortable
    I have been buying Hanes shirts for the past ten-some years, having switched from Fruit of the Loom. I found Hanes quality marginally better and the V-neck is a bit smaller cut so it doesn't sit on my collar bones (competition take note!), but this most recent pack came with the FreshIQ technology. Like with anything that goes so close on to my body I wanted to know what this "technology is. Unfortunately the packaging was mute on details, and Amazon listing has not even been updated to reflect the updated product. After some online research all I was able to find is that it's some kind of antimicrobial treatment. ([...])

    I found it uncomfortable that Hanes is mute on details about this antimicrobial treatment and returned the product. I don't know what kind of skin issues you may have but I am perfectly happy with my skin and don't need unnecessary antibiotics on my undergarments. No more Hanes products for me. Went and got myself a 7 pack of premium cotton Fruit of the Loom instead.
    I purchased a different amazon essentials black shirt and really enjoy the fit but this maroon color and fabric does not fit well. The shirt is too short and the fabric is less giving. Should have returned them but washed them which likely shrunk them a bit more and made it shorter.
    I love gold toe socks! These are very soft, especially when new. I have size 13 feet and they fit very comfortably. Nothing can beat these cheap and comfortable socks that I have found.
    Just what we needed!
    This handkerchief appears to be made from very cheap cotton as it is very thin and it wrinkles terribly after washing.
    I returned them immediately. Very disappointed.
    I love it i got it as a gift for me mom she has yet to see it but i know she will like it as well
    I usually dont do dupes but Im glad I gave into this one. The purse is of outstanding quality & looks beautiful. Please make more in different colors.
    Very comfortable fit as expected totally recommend them
    Not made for folks with round noses.
    I've worn Dockers for the past 15+ years but they have dropped in quality and fit. These are my new brand of choice, until someone decides to change them to save a couple cents. They fit good and seem like they will last a reasonable amount of time.
    Absolutely lovely
    I ordered this as a gift for my daughters father to use in our Vermont winters. He is a farmer and uses this fat daily in the cold.
    These hats? Fit very well and I wear them most all of the time. I highly recommend these for reducing sweat And they are a refreshing change then the old baseball hat.
    Great fit.
    Fit her perfectly. No more feeling cold toes on Autumn.
    The fit is good. Look like they will last for a while. They do come out of the dryer looking and feeling like crumpled aluminum foil. Once you wear them for a while they are actually quite comfortable.
    My grandson has a very thin build and the adult medium fit him well. An average build would need a larger size. He loved, loved, loved the message!
    The quality for the price was fairly disappointing otherwise okay
    Solid sweater for the price.