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    canvas painting kits for beginners

    Shrank a lot after first wash. My daughter can still wear, but definitively significantly smaller. Might recommend up a size.
    Interesting, we also bought a pack of the same brand for her brother (marketed to boys with a wider cut) and they didnt shrink much at all.
    Good product for the price and prints are vibrant and fun.
    This is so good to protect my smart phone! I just keep the cover in my purse and when I leave the house I put the phone in the cover & take off!
    Fits well and good comfort for the price
    Style wasn't really what I wanted but I'm wearing them for work. The bottom of the pants do not fit around shoes. Other than that they're fine.
    This product has worked well for some vegetable plant disease just wish it could help me overcome all the rain my garden has endured this year. Good product bad year for my garden.
    Love it so far!
    Great product
    LOVE IT. It was a little larger than expected, but I'm glad because I tend to carry a lot with me. Very durable
    Comfy and soft, especially after washing.
    very good
    Good material. Really liked the flex waist
    Initially when I first received it I was disappointed. The last wallet I had bought in this style was incredible, and the price was about the same. I decided to try a different wallet because this one had a few more slots for cards, and overall looked really nice. Its also taller/wider than my previous which I don't like.

    All & all it is a nice wallet, and I suppose its worth the price. My main complaint Is the quick pull slot for your most used card. Its not as smooth, and unless you press it back in from the center it gets caught up. It feels like its catching on loose threads within the pocket. The last wallet I had was very smooth, and had a nice silk like pouch that the cards would slide in to, which gave it the better feel when pulling the tab/putting cards back in.

    I will continue to use it, and maybe over time it will break in.
    Fits well. Soft and thick material, but not surprisingly thoroughly non-breathable since it's 100% acrylic. Probably best suited for those who will be outdoors in cold weather for long periods of time.
    Exactly what I ordered at a decent price.
    So nice as what my husband said. He loves them. Fit for his size and longer enough. Great product.
    This hat does not hold its shape. Is very poor quality. It looks like a straw colored rag on your head. The brim does not hold it's shape for more than a minute, it just flops down. We bought it for a costume party and was not good enough to wear for that. I cannot imagine people that purchased this hat to wear as a hat. Havana hats are supposed to have some rigidity. I can only assume that they changed the hat since some of the other reviews. After 5 years and thousands of $ of purchases, this is the first bad review I have ever written.
    The shirt is accurate size-wise, albeit a bit shorter than most t- shirts, but the material is like scratchy canvas- not soft at all! I purchased a couple similar looking ts from another brand, paid a couple dollars more and got a much better quality, soft cotton. Im not really complaining, as this one only cost 7 dollars but it will be relegated as a work shirt and probably just be thrown away soon.
    I am very happy with this purchase. The earrings look so much better in person then in the pictures. Beautiful and little weight.
    I love Vera Bradley lanyards
    Belts are fine except the brown is way to goldish....
    Very cute bag.. I even gotta decorative cloth that can tie on the bag... that even make it cute.. it's also exactly what is described.. love it...
    I read reviews and was glad one person had already mentioned this, but going up a size was still not enough. I comfortably fit in any size 40 short or pant, sometimes wear a 38 in those that run big. According to their size chart I should have been an XL. After reading review I went to an XXL, but it wasnt enough. Sure they fit in the waist (thanks to the elastic in the waistband) but they are TIGHT! Maybe its because I have a butt, but they are just too small. I could wear them, given the fact they stretch, but the pockets are exposed due to the amount of stretch required. If fitted properly, they probably would be insanely comfortable as they sew lightweight and do offer a lot of flex in them, but Im gonna have to send back an XXL for a triple X and hope these just werent improperly tagged.
    Great Fit
    Fantastic. Would order another pair as soon as possible. Good number of pockets for EDC.
    This was a gift
    I really dislike t shirts made from this thick scratchy cotton. The Amazon Basic cotton t shirt is much better.
    I got this for my stepson, who just got an ATV. He loves how it looks, how it fits and how it feels. In fact, he wears it as his Covid-19 mask when he goes to stores because of the comfort factor as well as under his helmet for riding. It washes in the clothes washer and dries in the drier, no problem.