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    how to make your own phone case

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    Seriously, your cards will stick in the wallet and you'll have difficulty getting them out. Forget about putting more than a couple of bucks in it because if you put 4-6 bills, the wallet will almost be as thick as the one you're trying to replace. Not throwing down on Magpul. I use other products of theirs, but for the price, this "wallet" can't even be used as a business card carrier.
    Like these shirts a lot. Good quality
    I bought these in two different strengths one for 4 pack for me and one for my husband. They are a great value. Unisex, well made, great fit. We love them.
    Very cute, but very cheaply made. Zipper pull broke the first time I used it. The strap is very narrow and flimsy. Kept only because of the price and style.
    These rain pants, purchased for bicycle commuting to work, were longer than they should have been. The main reason we did NOT keep them is that the Velcro at the ankle wasn't positioned properly to assure a tight fit (what's the point if your pants/legs underneath get all wet). We have had many rain pants over the years, and these definitely were not up to par.
    Just got this! Love it! Very sleek. VERY glad to be rid of my old bulky wallet. Easy to use, money clip is tight, elastic straps on top and bottom seem able to take some abuse from cards sliding past them over and over. High quality construction. Worth the money so far, will update review if this changes in the future!
    Great sunglasses!
    I love everything about this bag.
    Color, look, pockets, size and feel.
    Love have brown and black
    The fabric is a good thickness. The double pockets ensure that nipples remain concealed despite the monochromatic white color.
    M gusta mucho
    Just. Fine
    comfortable, padded, good quality. this is my second pair of them (first pair i've had for a few years, and they're just now beginning to wear a little at the toes). awesome sox.
    I am changing my opinion on these jeans. I actually made a comment agreeing with a bad review on the jeans. I bought these as a gift for my husband based on a pair of jeans he already has. When we got these the material was very thin and the waist was much lower than the original 569 and I agreed that the quaility wasn't the same and Levi's should change the # on the style if they are going to change the jeans. HOWEVER, as an update I can tell you, now that my husband has worn these for a while they are now his FAVORITE jeans. I still agree that Levi's should change the number on the style so you don't expect the same jeans but the product is just fine. My husband is an oilfield electrician so he moves quite a bit and he said these pants are very comfortable.
    I always buy cheap sunglasses because I break or scratch them within a couple of months -- never fails. I usually get them at walmart or similar and usually pay 10-20 dollars.

    So I thought I'd try to buy a cheap pair online. Wow. These are really cheap and they must be for "Fly Fisherkids", not "Fly Fishermen". I wear a 7 1/8 hat -- my head isn't that large. These are designed for a head about 1-2 inches more narrow. They hurt, they are flimsy, they are really, really, cheap.

    The only reason I gave it 2 stars instead of one is because they are actually polarized and might be useful looking for a fish in a river. But other than that, I'm terribly disappointed.

    On a bright note, they DEFINITELY won't fall off your head if you look down and these are the first pair of sunglasses I've ever owned that got thrown in the trash BEFORE I scratched or broke them. So I guess you could say they outlasted all the others.... ;-)
    I wear these for night driving and they help glare. Helpful, glad I have them.
    Great bag get lots of compliments on it
    Im giving 5 stars because I FINALLY ordered a package that fits. Hanes boxer briefs have diminished badly over the past few years. They are thinner material and 1 to 2 sizes too small. I am normally a large. But even the XLs that Ive ordered twice (stupid I know) felt like they were cutting off my circulation. Unbelievably tight. And worse after washing. So in desperation I ordered a 7 pack of the XXL. Ive never owned anything XXL. But they fit beautifully! Finally comfy undies again! After laundering 2-3 times Ive no regrets because they did shrink maybe 5%. But still fill well. Bottom line.... buy 1-2 sizes larger than you normally would.
    Granddaughter's dream come true!
    Very comfortable feels like I am wearing house shorts. Little big but not too big that they are falling off. Would definitely get more.
    Ordered for a boy, size 7 men's shoe. The socks looked huge when opened but fit well. The socks are cushioned and airy. I think they will allow his foot to breath and be comfortable.
    Very comfortable, as has been my experience in the past.
    great price great fit
    Fits great. Very comfortable. Just like they have for decades.
    Love this bag. Its a prefect size
    If you can get past the smell its like 3 sizes too small. I own pairs of the same exact waist and brand and they'd fall off of me if I wasn't wearing a belt. Get these at an actual retailer.
    looks great , feels good.