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Very durable and stylish. My husband really likes them.
I live in Alabama, USA. Which means it's hot and humid most of the year. I'm also hot natured, so I'm in double jeopardy. This shirt really keeps me cooler than cotton, doesn't stick to me, and dries out infinitely faster than cotton.

Cotton kills, buy this if you need a casual white Tee or undershirt. Fits spot on.
A loved gift
I'm going to read the dictionary front to back multiple times so I can more accurately describe how much I hate these.
They are baggy, but don't pull up over my rear. For some reason they sewed a seam right across each of my rear cheeks, so there is a constant awkward pressure, meanwhile the front and sides are draping off of me. They bunch up terribly bad, and the cotton is ROUGH. Blech. Going in the garbage. I told a coworker how bad they were, which means I hate them so much I started a conversation about underwear with another human being that I work with.
This handbag is beautiful and I always get lots of compliments. It’s the perfect size for me because it’s not small and it’s not large. I love the compartments and also the fact that it has a zipper compartment on the outside where I can put my car keys and phone for quick access. You can also make the trap slightly longer by using the buckle feature on the strap. I have the black and the brown one and I’m hoping they will design a nude color for summer.
Beautiful and classy!
This product was great but rand slightly small. Would buy again though. Anyone who is wandering you should probably order a large or a medium.
the quality is good
I purchased this in October, and yesterday the handle on the bag just snapped at the square metal/plastic link that connects the handle to the purse. I have not had it that long and already it is broken. I have never had a Vera Bradley bag break like this, leading me to wonder if it may be a knock off?!?
My only disappointment is that it doesn't have a key fob like the other Baggallini bag I bought. I like the small size and multiple pockets. I just need to remember what I put where.
I really loved this product once I figured out how to assemble it and use it. The owner of the company did send me an email explaining that while it looks simple, it does need some prep time to understand how to put it together. Thank you! There is also a video that helps. The spacers work great if you have bent keys. The product photo shows "mint" keys, but I assure you it does work. I've had it now for a few weeks and I love it. I used to carry all my keys on a large carbiner, that worked, but this puts all my keys in place. Great product! I just have my KeySmart and my one car key, which is huge, so it won't work unless you get a duplicate made. Thinking of doing that. The attachment for the car remote does work well. Takes some getting used to, but I'm hoping it will last a long time and I really, really enjoy it. I have tons of keys and this makes it simple. I'm giddy with excitement opening doors now. Seriously. It's fun once you get used to it.
Hubby had some once before and has been looking for these for a long time. He’s very happy with them, they are great for days with a lot glare too.
Love this case!
Brought this bag for a Sailor Moon event and I love it!
Great frame, better Quality then my $200 pair of Oakley. When I used them, my eye don’t feel tired they feel rested.
Just what I wanted for the price. Love the assortment of tartan colors in the package.
I love these glasses they are dark just how I wanted them an look as good. I love the fact that they are as described I would definitely recommend these an buy another pair. it's so hard to find really good sunglasses they are as good as those named brand sunglasses all your really paying for is the name. these are even better then some of the named brand sunglasses out there that I've seen
Very good quality. It was a gift for my husband!
I did not have to do any additional tailoring. Perfect fit.
Perfect gift for my boyfriend! He loved it!
I have two pairs of the pants, and decided to try for the shorts as well. Next best thing to being naked.
Nice wallet..leather is is good.
Very nice
I've used Haynes for a long time now and they never let me down. Fits great and I'll buy again definitely would recommend
Second order
Fast shipping. Good quality wallet. Would buy again !
I ordered this hat with expectations of comfort, some what sporty and stylish enough for a women. Maybe I should have paid more attention to the fact that it's unisex. It's not as feminine as I would like and the inside front was uncomfortable around the front of my head, however, the quality is good. I ended up giving it to my son.
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