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    canvas painting drawing

    This underwear is relatively good. But because it is built in the poorer country, it can not be in high quality. Typically, the cotton is loosened after several times.
    Love the high quality of these socks. Very supportive of my well worn feet!
    No more schweddy balls from the boxer briefs the wife bought me! Plus these cotton boxers don't irritate your shalelee like the polyester ones do! I always get one size larger so that it doesn't cut the circulation off.
    Great wallet, room for everything you need. Tested it out at the hotel we stayed at this weekend - key card could NOT be read through the wallet!
    My son is in AA and loves this as a Christian also. Very good quality
    Super cheap. Feels like cardboard. Arrived with a bent brim. I tried to use a steamer to correct it. It helped but it still fits goofy. Luckily, this was for a kid who just wanted to wear it as a play hat.
    I wasnt sure ordering sterling silver online. But these look beautiful in person. My 8 yr old loves them. The ends are fully covered with the stopper and doesnt poke her when she sleeps.
    Nice and thin, but there is a seam that runs around the entire sock that hits under my toes and heel. Very uncomfortable! They are going back.
    they work well and fit well to
    Nice glasses but know from the outset that I will need to be gentle with the bows.
    Super hat! Firs well looks sharp!
    High quality pair of sunglasses! I have a wide head so the lenses do look a little small on me but nothing I didnt come in already knowing.
    Perfect fit
    Bought 4 packages of this type and brand. Two packages fit as expected, the other two were much two small but still marked as the same size. The two pkgs that did fit were of the same color set, while the other two were not. It seems there isn't much quality control between the different production lines.
    LOVE THIS HAT! Great quality for the price! Color was not what I was expecting but close enough. Going to buy another. Great find!
    It is a roomy managable bag. Just perfect
    Great quality
    Nice fit very comfortable
    It fits good and is the exact material I was looking for.
    The varying sizes make this the perfect item to convert necklaces and bracelets to whatever size you need. Will wait to see how the finish holds up and stays as beautiful as it is now.
    My 8yr. old granddaughter has long legs and is very thin. It is hard to find pants of any type that fit her waist and length. We usually have to buy a size larger and take the waist in. These actually fit great length and waist.
    Decent quality
    I measured my glasses to make sure these fit. Slightly too small. Order up if you can.
    This is a very nice wallet. It holds all that I need, cash, coins, cards, etc. And it's small enough to fit in my sporran along with my phone and keys.

    One flaw I've found, however, is the snap button for the coin pocket. It sits high enough to present just enough of a gap to snag the edges of paper money you have under the strap. This presents a bit of resistance when trying to pull out your cash, often tearing the money in the process. To solve it, I found a piece of thin black fabric tape to put over the button to almost up under the cash strap. Now my cash doesn't snag anymore, giving me one fewer frustration during the day.
    Feel great. Recommend hand wash and dry.
    Excellent product!!
    Overall, I absolutely love this wallet. The craftsmanship is phenomenal. Its sleek design fits very well in my front pocket, The cards fan out very easily, which I appreciate. Other wallets of this sort do not fan out cards well at all. If I could change on thing about his product, it would be how deep the cash pocket it. You have to fold the cash to make it fit, which is fine, but when you slide it in, the pocket is deep enough that the money can be pushed all the way down. When this happens its super hard to get your cash out. I have had this happen a couple times and have had to take out the actual wallet insert to get the cash out. Other than that, I would totally recommend this wallet to anyone and everyone! Buy with confidence! If you are on the fence about a simplistic wallet, don't be this is the one for you.ère-Pantalons-Tout-match