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    30 x 30 custom canvas prints

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    These socks are so darn comfy! I have to walk a lot for work, and my husband is a gym rat.. so we tear through socks like no other. I like that they are a tiny bit bit on me (I have super small feet) and they fit him great. They hit the ankle in a good spot for anyone who hates it when their shoe rubs their skin.. but it is also low enough where you wont look dorky.
    They have a tiny bit of padding or something because they seem to cushion my feet when I walk. It is obvious that they're very high quality and made with the utmost care. I am very pleased with this purchase.
    My fiance wears a size LG and in his opinion they run big!
    Very comfortable
    Cool socks for my husband, fast shipping too!
    very nice
    It is the right size but bigger will be nicer. They are a little bit thinner than I expected, so this will be great to pair with other socks on top. That is if the weather its very cold. They did the job in 30 degree Fahrenheit, but I would like them to be a little bit bigger. Good size for women. I am a man, so it is best to keep them around for a lady.
    Theses hoodies were perfect fit for my dad ... he is always cold .. and they keep him warm .. wash well .
    Double snap closure stays secure - with checkbook I have room to spare
    Fairly priced and worked for me.
    I use it when I go running and its cold. It blocks wind. It is breathable and very flexible and soft material. I really keeps me warm and I can move it to cover my face or return it below the chin
    The only thing I dont like about this wallet is that theres nowhere to put ur change
    He was happy with the new boxers...he needed them! lol
    I have 2 pairs of 100% goggles, great product.
    This lens good for medium / high light conditions
    Used this for traveling. Love this bag so much!
    Dapper as heck
    Thank you for living up to your promises.
    Im a mailman and these really do work
    Great buy for the money the wife loves them. Cheap but attractive.
    They fit small, so buy larger than you would normally wear.
    A good buy. This is a well made product and it shows. The price was not too shabby, either. 4 Stars!
    Love it! The material of the wallet is great! I love the design!
    Love this bag, especially the wide straps!
    This was a child's cap. I thought it was for an adult male.
    Chain about 21 inch. Little ring can attach to key chain.
    Had this belt 2 weeks and no issues. I was reluctant to purchase this belt from some of the reviews about the buckle coming loose. The only problem with the belt is that the buckle is completely straight and your waist is curved. All I did was bend the buckle with my hands to curve with my waist (its not hard) and used pliers to bend the tabs (that go in the holes) back a little just so they would hold better. 2 weeks 10-12 hours a day and it hasnt come off once. For the price and best of all made in USA I am glad I got this belt
    Worth the buyérapantes-Chaudes-givrées-Couleur