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    custom canvas

    Very good for the price! Soft, comfortable. And keeps sun off your ears!
    Thick sock type
    My daughter loves these earrings and they actually stay in!
    Barely been 4 months wearing these one at a time in my helix, and now one won't stay closed. Are nice and thin, subtle and sparkly.
    I received an open box item. The glasses were clearly having oily patches around the bridge and temple area. The sticker on the lens was also missing.
    Verified that they are polarized and genuine.
    But 55 mm was bigger for my face so returned em (would have returned it anyway).
    Most beautiful gift ever
    Great for wearing around the house and use as winter warm pJs. Not a good going out or gym look.
    Great product so far, excellent polarity for the money. Much better than non-polarized, especially in this price range. Cheap case, but to be expected for the product's affordability.
    great shorts and very nice
    Never changing, husband has been wearing this style and this size for the last 40 years - dependable and always quality.
    love the different size stones
    Muy practica y se ve muy buen material
    The Goldilocks of sweatshirts. Not too thick not too thin. Plus a nice long length.
    Not too thin and not too thick
    I don't think the leather is a very high grade. They use thin layers with a paper like filler. The teeth on the buckle wear through the thin layers and break. Does anyone use solid leather anymore?
    These are really awesome sun glasses. They fit perfectly and did not require any adjustments. Lenses are super clear. My eyes are very sensitive and water easily if I use glasses with lenses that are not clear and that causes my eyes to re-focus.
    Customer service by Christine was impeccable and I won't hesitate recommending purchasing the lenses from EyeSave through Amazon.
    Thank you EyeSave
    I use these as an undershirt for work because you can never find my size at the Walmart or other stores like it. I use a 3xt and it fits perfectly, and the length is proper too. You can bend over without worrying about plumber's crack lol but seriously, the quality of these shirts are just awesome, just wish they sell a 6 pack.
    Person is using it and likes it.
    Nice shirt for those cool mornings on the water
    I wanted a N-S bag. I love the color of the bag and the size is perfect.
    Order a size up if you like a loose fit. Great colors, super fit after washing. Recommend.
    This shirt is a cheap 100% wrinkled cotton mess. Not oxford cloth at all. Very disappointed in shirt for my husband. Has other oxford cloth shirts which do not wrinkle They are 60% cotton and 40% polyester. THAT IS WHAT MAKES IT OXFORD CLOTH!!
    Not worth any money, certainly not what they are charging. The secured end broke free within three attempts of trying to buckle this confusing contraption. Dont waste your money.
    Perfect. Love.
    Really liked it
    I've only work them once each but they are the best pair so far. We will have to see if their quality survives a couple of washes. But for now I definitely say buy them
    These are suspenders!
    Love the shades! Will definitely be ordering again