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    personalised cat print

    This is sturdy clean design! I love it! I am using it daily since I got it!
    Amazing feel. Love them, but they do seem to run a little large
    For certain weathers ... so I decided to get my boyfriend these because the ones he has dont really hold his junk in place, they just cover it so whats the point ?
    When he first put these on he mentioned they were really comfortable and everything stayed in place, these are true to size , hes a large and got a large and they fit perfect. My definition of perfect is not to tight (with a slight gap) but fitted enough to not be too baggy or stuck to your skin . His only con would be in hot weather it makes him sweat a bit more,l which makes him feel icky but overall would definitely wear and buy more of these type since it allows support and very comfortable to wear .
    Love orange and I love toe socks!
    I bought it as s gift. It was a hit with her and she said she has received amazing compliments! Color, size, quality all as advertised. Previously bought her the brown one, came back for the black one!
    Bought these as a gift for my husband. He's worn them everyday so far, and absolutely loves them!
    Good quality
    I LOVE this bag! It's really well made, very good looking. Super happy with it!
    Nice. Great quality. Super cute package Boutique style. My daughter loves it. Nothing cheap looking about this.
    Perfect timing and fit as expected.
    Great gift that gave great smiles!
    Imagine being married to a country boy that insist on wearing his work boots (even while off duty) for 14+ hours a day. Hes a hard working man no doubt- and even harder on his socks! Hes also very stubborn and stuck in his ways. Loyal to a fault (yes, even to the brands he chooses to wear)!

    For 20 years he has been a very dedicated loyal customer to Dickies Socks! So much so that every 6 weeks- we fight because I HAVE TO discarded of his beloved (smelly) socks!

    Three months ago the odor became over powering. his feet began to crack, and I assume he was having some kind of allergic reaction. It was funky! So as any wife would- I took matters into my own hands! I purchased him a pack of Men's FreshIQ X-Temp Comfort crew socks. Initially when I approached the idea, he laughed and then refused to wear them. So, war had been declared!! Battle of the Socks! Being the caring wife that I am- one morning I watched him pull out of the driveway. Once the coast was clear- I raided his sock drawer! I bagged up every single sock (matched and unmatched) and off to the dumpster I went!

    That night after he showered and reached for his sock drawer- I knew the battle was about to intensify. As he slid open the drawer- there lay his new assemble of foot wear.

    He was furious! However as reluctant as he was- he had no choice! It was a sudden glory moment if you wives know what I mean.

    3 months later- and we are still kickin Hanes! Surprisingly his feet no longer omit a horrible odor. His feet are no longer cracked and nasty. His feet actually smell and look normal again. The quality of these socks is outstanding. A few pros: the band around the top of the crew sock fits snug, but not tight. It does not affect the circulation. This brand does not slide down your calf either. It stays in its place. The seam across the toe of socks that irritates us all: is nonexistent on the Hanes! They fit like a glove but also allow flexibility. In my husbands words my feet can breathe

    I have no cons! Normally I would buy a new pack of socks every 6 weeks. We are over 3 months and Im astonished at how durable this brand is. There has been no shrinkage, no unraveling, no tears. And I have not used any special instructions for washing and drying.

    Im not certain why we had the initial issue arise with Dickies. But I am beyond thrilled with the outcome of switching brands!

    Ladies- if your man is stubborn and has smelly feet- intervene!! Get him some Men's FreshIQ X-Temp Comfort Crew Socks!! Even if he resist! Trust me- you will not be disappointed! And he will thank you later!

    Signed- A happy wife
    They are worth the 10 bucks you pay. Not a penny more than that, but nothing to really complain about except slightly small. I would choose a different brand next time.
    Love this product. Ive ordered more because of its awesomeness.
    My girls loved every pair
    Sooo I am a sock fanatic... and a woman and I know these are mens socka! But I saw these and thought they were cute. Thought they were the ked style, ended up being a bit higher than that style (totally okay) anyways they are AMAZING. They stay in place and have the little rubber piece in the back to do so and are so comfy. I have worn them since they arived and am thrilled... never did I think aboug leaving a review on socks BUT they're great
    Bought as part of a gift. They fit well and washed well. Subdued colors as expected.
    compre otra vez
    Just as expected
    durability modern badass wallet all around
    Nice, soft sweatshirt
    Love the size and look of this product. Not cheap looking. After several months of normal, daily use, the zipper broke. Was pretty disappointed.
    My Maid of Honor loved it!
    Love this bag use for purse.the color is perfect.
    I am giving these to my granddaughter for her birthday next month and I can't wait. They are really pretty!
    Bought one for my son. He is so picky - can't have writing or advertising logo. I chose the colors figuring if he didn't like it I would wear it. He loved it, I was a little bummed cuz I would actually really like it for me. I have already ordered a 2nd one for him in a different color scheme.
    I got these for my 2.5-year-old daughter. Compared to Carter's leggings these are slightly larger and bigger in the same size. The fabric feels nice and so far we did not see any problem. Most importantly my daughter did not complain to wear these.

    I will definitely purchase the bigger size ones in the future. I can safely recommend these.
    Great product
    Love them wearing now. Not too big or too small