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personalised dog drawings

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    personalised dog drawings

    Fits great and...I'm Batman.
    My dad is really rough on clothes. Those suspenders with the teeth that grip on to the pants don't last him long.
    He is not good at keeping up with stuff and is a hoarder so he just tosses stuff everywhere. These are perfect for him because they hold his pants up and don't break. I buy him many pairs so I can have some ready for him if he loses one. I'd buy these over and over as long as they sell them. Great purchase and very good quality. They even look good on that old buzzard. Sometimes he wears pants so baggy that he looks like he's wearing a barrel like a rodeo clown. It's so absurd, but he does not seem to care. I have to keep these on hand with some new pants all the time so that if I take him anywhere it doesn't look like I picked up a homeless person.
    Got this for my husband for our up comming vaca ..the color is exactly like in the picture!! I really like the shirt its very light weight perfect for walks on the beach :-) he hanst tryed it on yet but im sure he will love it!
    Very misleading representation - quite unattractive and dollar store quality.
    Love the color and size but, Im procrastinating the purge of my fat, old wallet! For me, this might work better as a grab-transfer ID-and-go second wallet.
    Its a high quality belt that I personally fell in love with. As long as you guys keep making them..ill keep buying them.
    These shirts are the best investment of comfortable T-shirts I have ordered. Perfect and long length just as requested.
    Used a couple times and wow best fit with a belt I have ever had I hope it lasts and is good quality I will find out.
    I was a bit skeptical about the belt will last more than a couple days since some of the reviews had stated but figured for the price it wouldn't hurt to try it out. Now its day 30 and the belt is part of my everyday attire granted it might be a bit long but its adjustable which was a plus.
    latch was small, bit great value for price
    My husband loves them
    Love them!!
    Product as described.
    The only reason. Giving this 4 stars is because the seam at the toe is sewed onto the underside of the sock instead of on top. I can feel the seam under my toes every step. Plus side is that they are actually thick! Women's socks just don't seem to come in thicker material so I ordered the men's xs, I'm normally a women's 8 (men's 6) and if you are any smaller than me I would not recommend these. They just barely fit me. I could wear an xxs small of these and it'd be perfect.
    It is a solid minimal wallet, wish that it had another small storage for cards so you didnt have to put them all on one side.
    I love this necklace. It looks very clean, elegant and sharp. Not too big, (gaudy) and not too small that you cant really see its links. You can wear this with anything alone, or add a charm piece to it.
    Wallet is nice and compact (usable in front pocket).
    Plenty of room for cards (I carry seven).
    Pull tab is functional.

    Leather scuffed the first time it touched something.
    Pull tab not aesthetically pleasing.
    I love the size and all the pockets on this handbag.
    would have liked a wider wait band
    Very beautiful chain, nicely made
    Best value for your money. If your guy likes wearing this around the house, or under his regular shirt, these are great. No need to spend more on another brand. These hold up to lots of washes, and still fit properly. Bought this brand for years. Will continue to.
    good quality
    Because there were a *lot* of choices in fask masks, I semi-randomly ordered the Summer Face Mask Protection from Dust, UV & Aerosols - Washable Neck Gaiter Balaclava from Self Pro / Jack Norton. The bandana came in two days. It's soft and stretchy (think summer t-shirt weight and fabric) and very breathable. Plus it can stay on your neck and is easily pulled up and down as needed. I received a nice follow-up postcard from the company making sure I was happy with the purchase, and advising me they're a small, family-run business that relies on good word of mouth. I would and will happily order from them again.
    They look nice and the color doesnt fade but Im a very active person and when I wear these things doing things they start to itch around the crotch area
    Nice small crossbody bag.
    Very nice shirt for the cost
    Overall I love this purse...I didn't really care for the green leaf so I snipped that off. Now I hate how the folded the bag & I can get the bends out.
    So cute! Its a Christmas gift but I might keep it for myself. J/k. Ill probably just buy another one.
    too tight for size 11