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    custom t shirts bella canvas

    I try to create an other worldliness to everyday situations. What captivates me is the world of magic, it parallels how each piece comes into creation, using specific incantations in a sanctified environment. There is a force that is acting on the materials that guides the creation, and I'm there simply to observe and help guide the results as a conduit for what needs to be created. Each piece is made with a specific intention that brings a manifestation of that piece's purpose to the owner's life and space that the artwork will hang in.The process of creating art, is ritualistic by nature. As an artist, I begin by clearing my studio, physically and energetically, from the previous works that I’ve created. With the space now cleansed, the new piece starts to manifest, colors, materials, canvas and supplies specific to the new creation are selected. As I begin, a channel for the transmission of creative source enters the space and the piece comes alive. This process is what brings me back to the studio, again and again, to witness and be a part of, the birth of a new creation.
    Overall I like to this product. Unfortunately the build quality isn't very high. I think it took about a month for a little of the Unicorn to fall out at the front and another couple weeks for a screw to come out of the back rendering it useless.
    This purse is great for the price. I especially love the hardware. Makes the purse look expensive. Great bargain.
    This hat came slightly damaged out of the box.
    I ordered this as a gift for my granddaughter's friend's birthday. Like many other 8 year old girls, Jojo Siwa is her idol. She absolutely adores this watch and I have seen her wearing it at the bus stop every morning since her birthday party.
    slim but practical
    You will not find a better pair of glasses for this price or more! Safety and Style!
    great fit and finish.
    AA +++++
    This is actually my second Baggalini and I love them. I used the first one for over 4 years, and while it go dirty, there were no signs of wear other than on the pull tabs. I like my original one a tad better than the second one, but wouldn't give either one up. In fact I think I may need another one or two, so I can get some different colors.
    This is just what Ive needed for a long time. It is extremely well made.
    I use it every day to hold my extended edc works like a charm and is light weight. I dislike the lack in structure it has tho. thin walls
    OMG......I REALLY LOVE THIS BEAUTIFUL very soft awesome Purse-hand bag, everyone askin me where did I buy it from ;-)) Must buy, 5 Stars
    The belt looks great and it works.
    This is my 2nd pair and I love these. Great fit and looks sporty.
    Yep they are whitey tighties!
    fits well
    great product!
    Ive tried just about every UA heat t-shirt fabric and style and recently decided that UA tactical shirts are the only ones for me. They just seem to last longer and fit better than any others t-shirt.
    Works well .Holds all things needed. Great price.
    the belt i received was the wrong size an looked nothing like the photo
    Good fit
    A bit tighter than expected.
    The sunglasses were a little too snug on my head but they fit my son great.
    Very nice shades at a great price.
    As expected.
    This is the only product that I have used that actually keeps me dry. Gorgex wears down, but this is still going strong. You can't beat the price.
    This keeps my husband cool and dry while he is at work. I purchased a total of 8 of these shirts for him. He really likes them.
    coating didnt last