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    design your own phone case cheap

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    As most of the reviews have noted, there is some looseness in the arms. However, the pack I received after the first wash on gentle there was a tear in the right armpit of all four. Bad quality control. The fabric is nice, typical Hanes tshirt. If it weren't for the tears I would have gladly given this product the full five stars.
    The pants seem to be irregular. The inseam and outseam do not line up, making it very difficult to iron out wrinkles. The button fly takes time to get all buttons buttoned.
    works great
    Great wallet
    Dainty yet beautiful!
    One lense was polarized but the other wasnt? it gave me headaches and made everything look like I was looking through 3D glasses... weird design choice.
    Nice feel & looks good too A++
    Really nice no complaints. No missing beads, no strings showing. Overall great for the price
    Held all my cards love the color
    Grand daughter loves it. Said it is the latest and very popular
    This wallet looked nice and has a low profile form factor.
    I was initially impressed. One year later, with daily, normal wallet use - it has completely fallen apart.
    The stitching holding the card sleeves has come apart from the body of the wallet and it is not safe to use (Cards fall out).
    If you want a wallet for one year, buy this one.
    so im happy
    I bought this for a friend who is left handed, he really likes the feel of it and the amount of card pockets and full length pockets. Very happy with this wallet.
    Gifted this for Christmas and it was a great idea. I bought 7 for various people and they were all so pleased
    these socks are of decent quality however they are on the small side. next time ill shell out some more cash for different ones
    They fit nicely and are more comfortable than most briefs I've used. For about $5 per pair, these are a great deal. It can be really difficult to find comfortable, decent quality underwear for under $15 per pair - so I was surprised at how good these were.
    It really works great, he works on flight line at PAX river, and he said it really keeps him warm .
    Fit was definitely on the big side. But material was far too rough to be comfortable! What's totally messed up is that I have Hanes crew neck undershirts which are the softest undershirts I've ever owned! But I can't remember where I got them. Now I have to go on a long journey of buying and returning tees until I find the same tee but in a v-neck! What a waste of time and energy!
    I love this wallet for keeping my cards and dollar Bill's. I only wished it had a place for my change
    Loving these new soccer pants. Great for training!
    Good value for the money I like it
    Really it's my fault for not checking the fabric. I assumed these were all or 90% cotton since that's what I'd found from Russel. These are nearly 50/50 cotton and poly and DO NOT breath. The most uncomfortable work shirts I've worn. I don't see why anyone would intentionally get these when you can get 100% cotton for the same price.
    They were as advertised. Very comfortable and durable
    Pretty awesome! Nice and comfy, washes well and really affordable
    A piece of crap! Don't waste your money.
    The bag lock is not great. I am not able to keep comb and it doesnt not accomodate my very tiny cosmetic bag. Not usefulfo rany purpose. Only Just to carry empty it is suitable which is not worth. I would be returning this
    Purchased this bag last year and have only used it a couple of times and its already tearing at the seams. After further research, I believe that its a fake. Ive owned other MK purses and this is by far the worst quality. Im saddened that I spent a bunch of money for a fake.
    I quit wearing Levis when they shipped production to China and prices were at $50 or more. I was very pleased recently when I saw that they were being made in Mexico now (I know cost for U.S. production would be prohibitive.) ALSO, to see the retails are now down in the low to mid $30 range made me give them another try. GLAD IT DID! For is great - exactly like I remember, AND through Amazon I can get my hard to find size (35x34) in multiple colors.
    Great. Color is slightly off to a more brown side but I love it overall.