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    custom pet art

    Nice shirt runs LARGE
    I like everything about them, except the legs are a bit baggy for me.
    Good t-shirts.
    Great quality, fantastic pricing
    Right fit. Very comfortable.
    I thought these were the same thing I had bought at Wal-Mart 3 years ago, but they are not. They are heavier-duty which is what I really wanted anyway. I'm going to order more, as my feet won't grow anymore and these are very comfortable for me. I prefer them to white athletic socks.
    Purchased these for my husband's glasses. He often has to switch from normal glasses to computer glasses for work and he said it is so much easier because sometimes he steps away from his desk and has to look at someone else's computer and realizes he forgot his computer glasses. Also, the other day he was saying he wished his AirPods had a string because when someone interrupts him to talk he has to take them out and is worried about setting them down. I suggested he try one of these straps - and it worked! Now he can take them out and just hang from his neck.
    This picture and description compared to what I received was very disappointing. Considering the price and silver what I received was a very white white pearl with no luster what so ever. Very disappointed tried to contact the seller and cant even find this item listed. Buyer beware save your money
    Nice quality and fit!
    I purchased this hat and the Brooklyn Surf Raffia Wide Brim Hat. They're both great, and since they're from the same manufacturer, some of what I'm about to say is similar. I have a pretty large head, but this hat fits great! It's one size fits all, so you might think that people with smaller heads would find themselves swimming in it - however, there is a thick elastic band inside that stretches or tightens to allow more or less room. Either way, it fits perfectly for me! It truly is one size fits all. The draw string keeps it tight under my chin on a windy day, or if I want to remove it from my head, I can wear it around my neck, which is nice. The straw material feels good, and keeps my head cool, and the inner elastic band is made of very soft fabric, which feels nice on my forehead. Plus, it's got a wide brim, so it keeps the sun out of my eyes! All told, this was a great buy!

    If you're trying to choose between this one and the Raffia Wide Brim, I would say base it on aesthetics. The comfort is about the same. This one has a cool black logo in the front, plus black lining around the edges, the other does not.
    Need more color selections like the pants.
    Nice shorts. Lightweight and fit good. Will buy again.
    I was hesitant at first due to mixed reviews however it turned out to be a great buy. The goggles do work over glasses but I can tell it would depend on frame type and lens strength so may not work for everyone. I used them without glasses on a 200 + mile ride and they were comfortable. No fogging what's so ever as the vents allow adequate air circulation and no tears even at speeds of 90 + mph. The lens removal is a bit tricky but appears to get easier the more you repeat the process. The foam is comfortable once you get the straps adjusted to meet your needs. Only con is the vents are large and likely if it rained would allow water in but could be reduced depending on the type of helmet you wear. Great product and plan on buying a second set.
    Perfect fit for my readers.
    Different bag than what is shown - bag that came is all black. I specifically ordered this for the black/brown mix! :( The strap and the zipper pulls are shown as brown - everything is black.
    Awesome jacket! I was on the fence about whether to buy it - so glad that i did. The fit is awesome, even with the sleeves (I'm on the tall side). The soft shell material is really neat and appears to be waterproof. Also, the jacket is warm for something as light as it is, and looks great. I really can't say a bad word about it. Also, the prices here on Amazon for these jackets are pretty competitive compared to what I've seen elsewhere. As an added bonus, Amazon got it here a day early and just in time to wear on a weekend trip!
    Good belt. Worth about what I paid for it.

    For those not familiar with trimming web belts, use a match, lighter, or whatever kind of flame makes you happy to melt the end so it won't fray. Don't go crazy, pyro - it doesn't take much.

    Also, cut the back end that goes into the buckle - not the end with the tip.
    Good quality, good fit, reasonable price
    On the large side. Glad I still have a belt to use with these. Very stiff & wrinkled after wash & tumble dry. I have other similar pants this size from Dickie's that fit well. Maybe they will shrink more & get softer with use?
    This choker necklace is made for a thigh not a neck. Total waste of money! one stair is one to many.
    Nice! Cool colors
    This thing is too cool, perfect key chain, especially for Honda owners, because we are almost, no seriously
    I ordered these for my husband and his massive head. A lot of sunglasses look too small on his large noggin, but not these! So if you too have a big headed person in your life buy these immediately. They're also sturdy and super cute. All in all they're a win!
    I love these earrings. They came packed beautifully. They are comfortable for every day use and can be worn to bed. I've gotten tons of compliments on them. Highly recommend.
    Have only worn a few times, but really like it so far. Grey size is a good fit for a 22 inch head, wide brim doesn't sag, hat has a bit of style to it. If I knew how to relate the color to the actual size By reading, not buying/trying) I might buy another.
    Well made but run small.é-Protection-Respirante