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cheap custom made phone cases


    cheap custom made phone cases

    There is always something to be thankful for, Happy Thanksgiving!
    Love it! Cute and practical!
    I love that they are made of 80% cotton. They look great and feel comfortable. I ordered them for myself and my boyfriend and it is easy to tell them apart because there is a size stitched into the inner cuff. I love these socks! It took me forever to find great socks that weren't made out of polyester and rayon. 100% satisfied!
    Exactly what I was looking for! Not too thin not too thick. Size is pretty close, a bit large but perfect after a wash. 8 bucks and some change cant beat it! Ordered two pair I wear them all winter. Now I can turn the heat down!
    These designer sunglass are great!
    Great shorts
    Great quality but must be sized for a man's head: when the bowl part fits onto my head the band is lower than my ears. So if I keep the band tight above my ears the bowl part sits higher than my head. Still useable but not as easy to "slap on" as caps I have with smaller bowls.
    Very good material and workmanship. Shoulder strap and carry strap included. Multiple pockets. Fits a Moto z4 nicely. RFID capable. Nice colors to choose from.
    Really nice sun blockers. My eyes are really sensitive to the sun.
    This was a Christmas gift, and my son was extremely satisfied with this bracelet, it fit perfectly!
    Awesome perfect fit
    very comfortable
    Awesome glasses just what I have been looking for and an amazing value....
    This wallet is AWESOME. Nearly as big of a chick picker upper at the T Shirt with 3 wolves on it. Seriously, i had way too much in my old wallet and this one is very thin, easy to use and perfect for my lifestyle.
    Every pair fits the same. Levi's is one of my favorite brands. These were a gift to someone else, not me, but they're his favorite jeans.
    Great Men's swim trunk!!! Beautiful color.
    At first at got a darker glass than what i ordered, i wrote an email, got a ver fast response, sent pictures to prove that i got a different thing thatn what i ordered and they inmediatelly offered options, i decided to get another item so they gave me a coupon and i ordered again and got the glasses i wanted since the beggining, they are very nice and service was very good. Wish they came with a hard case to put my glasses in, but i like them, look very fancy
    It's what I needed and expected.
    The night vision ( yellow color ) glasses are not Fit, see the pictures
    Great glasses. Light weight, and comfortable!
    Bought for my husband and he loves it.
    First of all, the hat looks really cheap, but you get what you pay for I suppose. Second, it's extremely small, like for a child's head.
    Wonderful quality, very soft, comfortable and warm, even after several washings. I washed them in hot water the first time to shrink them, the color didn't run and they shrank just a little, but enough that they fit me better. I love Hanes, they're the best!
    They are as beautiful as the picture. My daughter loves them. they are great for mommies who have a hard time keeping earrings on their daughter's ear. With screw on backs they never slip off.
    Disappointed in this specific color from Levi's. The Ice Cap denim fabric is a little different than most of their other colors within the 569 line. That being said they shrank considerably after the first wash. Lost almost an inch in the waist and and inch and a half in the leg, and yes I tried them on before washing to ensure a proper fit, and washed cold, tumble dry low heat. Just like all the other Levi's I own. Jeans purchased on the same order, different color (Dark Chip) fit perfectly after washing. Disappointing.
    The purse was very pretty, but very small, to small.
    terrible, broke after wearing it two times and the second time my hand caught the side and it broke from the part that is on the end of the sunglasses. Looks good but they end should come off the glasses before it breaks.........hope there sunglasses are better
    Cute but not worth the price; couldn't change the time.
    Nice ring
    My husband is a size 36 and I bought a 36. Fits perfect. Length is right to his knees he is 6 feet tall.
    This purse is well-made and attractive. It holds an amazing amount of stuff and the side pockets keep everything organized. Arrived well packed with buckets taped and other hardware wrapped. Will recommend and buy again from KPL.