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    I have been wearing Ray-Ban Aviators for the last 30 years and my wife talked me in to trying some Maui Jim's. I went to one of the "chain" sunglass stores and tried on several pairs and finally decided on the Hot Sands model. I was concerned about the quality of the optics of the plastic lenses when compared to the glass lenses of my Aviators. This was a needless concern, the optics are quite excellent! I did find that the fit was tight on the sides of my head when trying them on, the man at the store told me I could heat them with a hair dryer and bend them to adjust the fit. I found this any easy fix. They are very light weight and comfortable with excellent optics. Highly recommend. If they last 10 years (which is what I usually get out of a pair of Aviators) I will be thrilled.
    This is not n elegant belt, but a very serviceable black elastic belt.
    Great fit, excellent compression
    Incredibly comfortable! Once you go CK, you'll keep moving the other undershirts to the back of the drawer.
    I like the design
    I was researching new wallets. I had a Coach for about 10 years. The only thing I liked about it was the style and how much I could get into it. However it was very bulky. Took up a lot of room in my purse. I had never heard of this brand but did lots of research on it and several others. I can get more in this wallet and not near as bulky as the one i already had and more room in purse. I saw where some had a problem with the leather odor. There was a slight leather odor but resolved. I also happen to like the new leather smell
    My dad loved it
    Excellent product!
    The listing size chart said large was 42-44 but the size when i received then said 36-38 on the briefs. Will give them to a smaller man.
    Husband likes the cell phone pocket!
    I ordered these socks for my husband but they are very,very long in length. If I would have known how long they were, I would have ordered the regular length. Please consider this when you order these socks. My husband is5 foot ten foot tall and they could way up past his knees. I wish i would have ordered the regular length socks instead.
    Great sun blocker!
    Love the colors, design, and size.
    Bought it as a gift but had to buy one for my own after seen how cute and versatile it was.
    Buying more
    Colors do not go with any shorts you try to buy wish I would had returned them.
    This is my second purchase of the same purse. I think it lasted over a year. I love it. I tend to like the open tote to toss my things into it and it fits a bottle of water and snacks too if necessary. The pink goes with everything and its a sturdy purse. Cant go wrong with this especially based on price.
    Love it! Hangs great across the body. Lots of zippered pockets for great organization!
    perfect fit , great weight and quality
    Tremendous value for the price! I did give it four stars instead of five because I wish the listing had been more forthright about which panels are genuine leather and which were PU.
    The leather is soft and luxurious.
    The earnings are gorgeous and feel like good quality, however I was disappointed in how much smaller they are than what they appeared online. They are like half the size.
    Got this for my dad as a Christmas gift, they fit perfectly and be is a size 16 (:
    Great pants.
    For some reason the toes of the socks are much thinner then the rest of the sock. Rotating the socks daily, my prediction is I'll see the first hole within 4 months. I've been buying socks for over 45 years, and these are by far the shortest socks I've ever owned. Barely some up 1/4 of my calve. I don't think I'll repeat the purchase.
    Good quality at around $2.00/pr. Can't beat it.
    I can't say enough great things about these bags!! I have ordered three different kinds of Komal's bags. I use this one as a purse, the "diaper bag" as a book bag, and one of the iPad satchels for my husband as a book bag/iPad bag. We LOVE them and get so many compliments! They are hand made and develop character as you use them more. Price is fantastic.
    Downsides: If you fasten all of the buckles, the bags can be cumbersome to open if you get at your things frequently. We generally leave ours undone unless we are traveling. Also, the 12" purse was a bit smaller than I expected. I definitely wouldn't get the 10" unless you don't carry very much.
    Thank you Komal!
    runs small but once on they fit well.