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    canvas for painting

    Good quality, but the "red" ones are straight up PINK.
    Product is durable and holds a lot. Brought it with me during holidays and all of my family wanted one. Its a great buy.
    I got these for my daughter and they are perfect. I enjoy seeing them as well. Very comfortable.
    I got this as a gift for my boyfriend and he loved it! It fits great and is super soft.
    Exactly like the picture shows, very durable and work fantastic. Love the style and polarized function of them.
    Very light and comfortable. Love them!
    Feel is OK. Size is a bit big.
    soft, snug, feel like strong material, everything that can be expected in a sock
    Too plastic!
    Love the product, I'm taking it with me to Ibiza this August. All my friends love it here in Saudi, and they said they'll order it:) thanks got being awesome.
    My husband loves this shirt would definitely recommend
    I love purses and was looking for something special this time around. I looked at so many I didn't remember which was which - I picked one and then it sold out! So I had to go through them all over again and then I saw this big, BIG bag - I thought it was going to be too big but I liked what I saw so I thought I'd take a chance, I have to tell you, I'm glad the other purse sold out - This purse is AMAZING! It's big but not too big if you're like me and like to make sure you have everything you need during the day. The price isn't so bad once you see what you're getting either - well made, sturdy, and you can carry even the heaviest laptop you have! I love it and I think you will too! On the screen there looks to be a flower motif on the black bag I have to tell you - there isn't any design markings on it flowers or anything else it's just the way the lights are hitting the fabric.
    Fit great
    These are great headbands. I sweat a lot when I workout and these keep the sweat totally out of my eyes. I use them for running, cycling and spin. Have purchased more.
    So cute love it and I love how I can switch out the inner bag
    Neede some jean shorts and like the way the wranglers fit. Size was accurate
    Fits well at XL. Soft texture. Big hood which I like. Too many hoods do not really keep in the warmth or protect from the cold. Fits underneath leather vest jacket, which is what I bought it for. Got and wore today, a rare Texas cold spring day - 44 degrees. During morning 3 mile walk kept me just the right temp under said vest.

    True OD green, a color I wore long enough to get to like. Blend of 56%Cotton-44% poly will keep wearable for about 6 months of Texas weather. Near naked is required for our interminable summers. All in all, though new, I find it a good buy.
    Very comfortable Thanks
    It beautiful and perfect of small child.
    I gave this to my girlfriend as a gift and she absolutely loved it and its been 4 days and she hasn't skipped a day wearing it. It definitely holds up and is a great buy!
    Very good but a little hard to push the buttons.
    My husband always likes the fit of Wrangler Denims so this pair of shorts is perfect for him.
    I really like these. They are very similar to Ray Bans in shape and suit my face well. The only drawbacks are that of course you get the quality you pay for; my left-side bar piece that goes over my ear loosened almost immediately, not from the screw but from the wearing of the plastic, so these constantly fall off my face now. Also the polarization is a little strange it makes looking at screens a little blurry around the edges. Not sure if other polarized lenses do that but it was a bit strange at first. It's not a problem if you're just wearing them outside or driving of course but it makes looking my my phone for GPS a little tricky.
    My boyfriend loves them. He tells me its the most comfortable pants.
    I ordered this for a cute summer bag. It is definitely durable and will not fall apart on you!
    Great material, perfect lengh
    Stiffer fabric than I thought it would be but my main reason I dislike these is the terrible placement of tag ..I would of been satisfied for price if there was no tag .... can possibly remove but Im 100% sure if I rip it off there will be a hole in back of pants. The tag is about 6 inches south of waistband directly in center of seam...