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    personalised protective phone case

    I really liked this wallet. I was told that I had a one year warranty on it. Today the snap to close the wallet broke off. I want to know if I can return this one for an exchange on a new one. I had bought this wallet for my wife.
    Thank you
    Henry Leger
    Best wallet I've ever owned! Eliminated the dreaded George Costanza "bulge". . I find myself checking to make sure it's still there, because I can't feel it half the time!
    I love the material I love the Buckle and felt fit nice
    Wallet has enough pockets and material wasn't too stiff but the leather on the very edge of the clip peeled back, exposing the metal, after only 4 months of daily use and started tearing into jeans' pockets
    Very nice!
    Super soft lining, nice wide legs, holds up well to repeated washings. I got these for my husband to wear as he recovered from double knee replacement, and they are perfect.
    I have previously commented on Carhartt weatherproof work gloves. Those comments apply here as well: no longer near the weight or quality of material or construction as a decade ago. I know that Amazon never checks the supply source, but Customer Reviews for these and many, many other clothing items are so poor, I have to believe that these are either gray market or counterfeit. You would think it is not worth it for a company in China or Pakistan to make knock-off tee shirts...but they make them for $2 and sell then for $18 and even with freight and all the other associated costs, a 100% to 200% gross profit margin tells the real story. Clearly, Carhartt et al have no interest in whack-a-mole; but I tell you this, I have no respect anymore for Carhartt as a brand I trust or will buy again.
    The earrings are beautiful but I ordered multicolored and received white.
    I almost NEVER write Amazon reviews but I must say that I love this bag. It's perfect for work and also perfect for carrying a bag outside of work. I think it's a beautiful bag and I love it so far!
    Very happy
    Excellent clarity and glare protection! These were exactly what I was looking for at a lower price than I thought they would be. Also helps they look great!
    Love it but the black hardware is already starting to chip off after a few uses... pretty disappointed
    This is an adorable wallet just like daddy's. I was worried he wouldn't be able to open it because the velcro is strong, but he had no problems.
    It's well made and really cute. My 31/2 year old grandson loves it.
    Good quality and very functional.
    I almost hesitate in giving this review because I know these purses are going to increase in price as the word gets out there. I love this purse. It is leather but I only paid $55. The quality is more like a $150 purse at Macys.
    great fit, nice color, using everyday since purchase
    These are quality and comfortable shorts, great for walking.
    Simple for putting cards and money in. I like it. I needed something simple and compact.
    Very poor Quaility
    Just what I expected.
    It looks just like the photo. Its really nice quality.
    Honestly for the price NOT bad at all! Husband loves it!
    Useful for concerts and games.
    Was. Gift and he loves it
    I love these socks. I bought them as sock liners to wear under my SmartWool socks to keep my toes from getting blisters while walking the Camino de Santiago. They worked perfectly. And now they're my favorite socks for running, or just wearing daily with my Pumas. Unlike other low socks, they don't slip down.
    Wore the sock two times and there's a hole in the toe.
    Great size I love it !
    These are well made, hold up well (approaching 6 months of use), good material, good price etc, etc,etc. They got everything right except the elastic, cut, call it what you will is terrible. The crotch hangs (literally) loose, giving a good side view of the crown jewels. No support whats so ever, just a loose hanging hammock between your legs.
    Really terrible and they were like this from day one. There's a little variation with some being worse than others but not much. To make the elastic crotch tight I have to pull them way up past my waist level which looks ridiculous. I bought the size medium and I'm 6' with a 32" waist. Its a shame because if not for this these would be great underpants.