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    We are always looking for new influencers to show off Canvas Freaks products to their followers. Collaborate with us to create fresh content to help increase engagement for the both of us.

    create your own case

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    Very nice wallet
    So far it has held up well, seems well made. Roomy and plenty of pockets for stuff, only thing that would make it better is if one of the pockets was big enough to hold a cell phone.
    Perfect fit.very comfortable.will order again.
    Good deal
    Great sunglasses! Exactly what I wanted!!!
    They are beautiful and great quality!
    Gift for a teen, great look, quality products
    What the heck? At $20 a pop these didnt even last a month before showing MAJOR SIGNS OF PILLING. I did NOT put these in the dryer, they have always been air dried. Not sure whats happening here on such a highly rated product?
    Great for toting my iPad and planner:)
    was in my wish list for a year, price never changes. i'm 5'10 180# and ordered a medium, fits perfectly, can easily wear a shirt and a flannel underneath for extra warmth when needed. i was expecting it to be more of a fall/spring jacket here in massachusetts but it's been a fairly mild winter so i've been wearing it non stop, keeps me comfortable down to the teens, it hasn't gotten much colder but i'm sure i'd survive. don't see it falling apart any time soon, seems fairly rugged.
    I wear this hat every time I work out.
    My son said he loves them.
    Very good wallet. Great design. Love the way it feels and looks. There are only a few drawbacks like if you have a lot of things that you like to put in your wallet then go for a different wallet. Its very tight so putting your cards in is a little bit of work. Ive only had it for a few days so Im hoping after awhile it will loosen up a bit and the cards will slide out more easily. The money clip is a little too tight as well. Which is great because I wont have to worry about losing my cash but a little annoying when I want to quickly pay for something with cash. Nonetheless this is a great wallet so far.
    Everything about the shirt was great! Looks great feels great and fit great
    Good quality
    Fits great so much better quality than Levi
    Package came very late but nonetheless I love it so I'm giving 5 stars
    Cute little black studs.. Good price and value.
    I love this tote so much I ordered the second one.
    My son loves these boxers because they are longer than usual and don't ride up.
    LOVED these earrings!! incredible value for what you pay! thank you so much!!!! so great for a gift for a friend or for TREATING YOURSELFFFF!!!
    Opened it up looked great...when to clip it on the pants and broke...the first time used.
    Ive loved this bag so far! As a larger female I have found it very difficult to find crossbody bags that have straps that are long enough (most fall at a weird uncomfortable length) but this one is perfect!
    They are a bit darker than I was looking for and I think the anti reflective coating makes everything look very contrast-y but overall I like them!
    Shorts are comfortable and light and breezy.
    My son has to wear a certain type of shirt for work. These are perfect!! the style and color he is wear but they are a lighter, airy fabric so when he gets to moving around they breath a little more and helps him not sweat as much.
    Just what I was looking for.