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    Love it
    The Balaclava (2 Pack) arrived on time, as promised. My primary use for the items is for protection against wind blown snow, while using the snow blower. I didn't realize how well this was accomplished, until I began to use the machine without wearing the balaclava. I had misgivings - at first - because of the thinness of the material. I wear one of the balaclavas under a watch cap for face protection. Not as warm as a watch cap, but it does the job quite well. I won't be without it now. I'm about to order another two-pack: one each for the emergency kits in my wife's and my car.
    Color was more of a mint green than the olive green it appears to be in photos. Fit slightly too big as well.
    keep my head nice and warm,
    Great shorts.
    dont function
    Good hat fits well
    I bought 2 other bag from Amazon and retuned them. Got this one and was pleased I did not have to keep looking. I like a bag with 3 compartments and this one did. I also liked the style.
    I like this material for casual wear. I like heavier material for work pants.
    The fit is perfect for me.
    Fun Shirt!
    Very comfortable.
    Great socks
    Very nice pants perfect fit Love them
    The shirts arrive very long well below my waste nd after washing the fit is perfect, this is my 2nd purchase and I am very satisfied and will order them again.
    Great size and good compartments
    Package came open, but product was as described in the photo
    It is dainty and light, very cute for a cartledge earring.
    Just what I expected. Excellent hat with good quality.
    At the end of a long run, sweat noticeably discolors the shorts. No big deal, but you probably can't wander over to a farmer's market or a food court looking like you may have a bladder control issue, especially since wandering eyes might linger on them bulges. If you plan to get home and shower, no better way to dress for a run on a hot day.
    Comfortable for my son to wear to practices, but runs too long on the thigh. Overall good quality though.
    I wanted to like this, it was very pretty and looked very nice on my wrist and also held the oil smell...not even 7 days the bracelet broke! I didnt expect the best quality for the price but I did expect it to last more than a week
    Product is too small
    Meets my form, fit and function criteria ! I hope it lasts as long as the last adjustable belt I used for 2 and 1/2 years.
    Very comfy, fit as expected.
    Lovely earrings,,exactly as advertised. I am very satisfied.
    Fits 7-10 cards in slot, once used a few times the process of getting cards out becomes easier. Cash in side pocket, ID in the other. Dont carry a lot of extra crap and it will work great.
    thin material and fit was way off would not recommend
    Excellent fits pocket perfectly