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    custom canvas dog prints

    Love this bag, easy to use, versatile and looks great all around.
    The pink ring (glass face and seconds ring) was detached from the watch when it arrived, exposing the hands. I suppose it could be glued back on however this was supposed to be a gift and I'm concerned it won't work and disappoint the child it was intended for. It's really pretty but I'm on the fence as to whether or not I should order a replacement.
    Great option for a reasonable price. The multi pack meant I can keep one at home, work, backpack, etc.
    was not bad but what I exppected was different.
    If you wanna show off your thighs, be able too move 100% freely, and feel awesome, GET THESE SHORTS. I have a 34" waist, and the mediums fit perfect. I'm 5' 8" , and they're short. Real short. But they're awesome and you won't regret it.
    My 5th pair.
    I like
    Good, but exaggerated.
    I love these belts. I own several and have thrown out all my other belts. The description in the listing says it all. This one you can believe in!
    Sit very nice on the body, looks awesome.
    I absolutely hate clear backpacks. They're ugly. However, clear backpacks or purses are a must-have when entering stadiums these days and this clear backpack is perfect for that purpose. It's wide and a little short, but VERY spacious. It's similar to any other backpack in the it has little side pockets on the outside where you can easily slip a phone into or even a water bottle (assuming the venue lets you bring in containers). What I don't love is just how stiff the plastic material is. You really have to manhandle the material to open it up and give the space to put the contents into the bag, but I think this is just an unavoidable reality with clear backpacks. You will have this issue no matter what type of clear bag you go with (in my experience). I love that it's backpack style so you can keep weight evenly distributed on your shoulders, which is very important to me.

    You can easily fit phone, wallet, water bottle, keys, and toiletries in this bag and still have room left over for a small towel or something. I'm really surprised at how spacious it is.
    My wife really likes this bag. It was her favorite gift.
    Color is a bit darker than what the pictures show (yes, it states that before you purchase) but other than that I am happy with my purchase!
    Love this bag. Wish it were just a bit bigger/longer but its a great bag.
    Great fit great price
    It can fit anyone, but the appearance is very large. It is very flabby, uncomfortable, and does not hold up the way it does in the picture.
    fine quality
    They're neauyigil.. Very comfortable in fit. He loves yhem.
    I fish a lot and often exposed to frequent showers. Having quick drying cloths isnt good enough if your cotton underwear stay soaked. Might as well be quick drying everywhere.

    These are replacing my Simms which performed the same function at a much higher cost. These are also more comfortable. Getting more.
    Just as advertised. Just what I was looking for.
    Love them!
    Size fit, quality was/is excellent. I'd buy a Dockers again when needed. This is a quality belt that can be used for dress or casual wear.
    Quality jeans that fit as expected, consistent color, great vaue
    My son wanted a bow tie for his 1st Communion and this was just perfect! It arrived on time and he loved it!
    This is my brothers request every birthday and Christmas. the fit is wonderful. the quality is excellent. the service from the seller and amazon is always amazing. No complaints
    These tighty whities are the best that Ive ever worn! They feel so soft and sexy and fit nicely with the perfect stretch. My favorite underwear ever! I feel sexy every time Im wearing them!
    As many others already identified, the ratchet section starts way too far down the belt; about 8 inches! No matter what you do, you'll have at least 8 inches of belt sticking out from the buckle. You could cut that end, but then you're left with an unfinished tag end.
    Love them
    It's to small
    Great value in the 6 pack. I wear these under my dress shirts for work and they are comfy, fit nice, and are durable too.ère