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    make your own phone case online

    Speedy delivery! Perfect fit, true to size.
    Crazy size
    Very good underwear
    my experience was bad, the silver bracelet came broken, it doesn't close
    Cheaply made. Clasp broke first time using it.
    I ordered 2 of these on Oct. 15 for $35.70 ea. The price has gone up $7 ea. since. The product is fine, I have no complaints with it, but I'm a bit rankled at the price rise. in just a few months. Caveat emptor!
    Phenomenal sweatpants, very well fitting. They are slightly long for my taste but I am also a 29" inseam so it really isn't a huge issue as I am not apart of the norm. Are very comfy to work out in, lounge, or run in. Overall best sweatpants money can buy. The retro style holds up to the test of time as well, repeated washings have left these sweats in the same condition as when I bought them.
    Somewhat large but Perfect protection against sun for my toddler . I love it and the size is adjustable brim provides proper coverage .
    one of the best most convenient things I have purchased this year.
    Excellent and comfortable undershirt. It not thick enough to cause un-comfortableness while wearing another shirt on top which is great. I bought these for work so I can wear my button up work shirt over it, and man did it make the shirt 10 times more comfy to wear. When Hanes says comfort soft they mean it, the material is great, and after one wash they still feel the exact same. Time will tell if this feeling lasts and I surely will keep us Amazon customers updated on my experience! Another thing to add, I love that it doesn't have a tag like some undershirts do.
    great fit but still a little long
    These are the best!
    Fits a bit too loosely rather than that snug fit I was looking for. Either way, they're nice.
    when in doubt go with a size larger.
    Fits and is comfortable.
    PERFECT!!! I love these shorts from the moment I put them on. The smart phone pocket was just icing on the cake... Too cool
    Well made.
    For the price, they are great. A little Baggie, but they work as work shirts for my husband.
    Enough room for what I needed. Holds my phone and easy to get to..holds enough credit cards without making too fat to close and carry cross shoulder for comfort and safety. Love it!
    Product as described. Exactly what you would expect for Gold Toe. Good quality at a decent price.
    What a great tote by Vera Bradley. First time to buy something from this line. I love how deep it is, handles are big, lots of pockets. So far I am pleased with how it's held up.
    Excellent quality, value and fast service. It's just so hard to find white tees that doesn't have some sort of writing on them. I just wanted a blank, white tee.
    Perfect fit for a big man.
    Bought for a gift is really nice
    I like the military canvas belts & buckles. They are easy to use and more flexible than leather.
    I have had this belt for about a month or so and I Love it! It is not as good as a belt I found at WalMart a few years ago but if this belt lasts me more than 2.5 years then I will say it is better then it. For now, this belt has a very solid and top shelf grade leather (seemingly) and it just feels like it is built to last!
    Ultra soft, beautiful color of aqua green, great size, pockets galore. Love it.
    Got them for my son. He loves them. They may fit slim. Its weird though, since we got them he has been squatting a lot more. They must be really comfortable. Would buy again.