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    pop art dog art

    Its great... everything I was expecting it to be . and fits perfect. took it to Mexico in March < Steve looks great...
    He loves the money clip, very clever. It looks quite expensive as well and the slim design is great so he can put it in a front pocket.
    very very good i love it!!!
    A bit short for my 6'5" son. He liked them so he kept them and just pulls the waist down, but I would have preferred that they be longer or that the description list a length so that I knew before purchasing. I would recommend for average height people.
    They are wonderful, especially for the extraordinary sunlight we get here in Colorado. I have bilateral eye surgery to remove cataracts so they are very helpful to me.
    When I got the ring for the first time the size was not right, apparently the sizing they have is different so order a size down to avoid having to return it and return i,t until you get it right, besides that, the ring is really pretty. for the price it's great. doesnt seem to be too be affected by the water, I hope he stays as cute as I got it its a good purchase and the customer service and returns are super easy.
    Just great
    Comfortable fit and fabric.
    I purchased Sidelinx Adjustable Eyewear Straps 3 pack from Amazon for $14.95.
    It is easy to push onto my glasses frames but holds perfectly. It can be easily removed to put on a different pair of glasses. It can also be easily adjusted to hang glasses around my neck or to keep them snug in place while I am bending, twisting, and turning as I work.
    I used to buy dozens of pairs of reading glasses to stash around my house. Now I just use one pair that stays with me all the time.
    Actually, I use two of the straps, one for my reading glasses when I am inside and one for my safety glasses when doing yard work or gardening.
    I am very pleased with my purchase and would highly recommend this product to anyone who needs this functionality.
     This product was better than I expected......the glasses are quality along with the cloth case and leather like case.....there was also a nice cloth inside .......this product exceeded my expectations....I love the glasses !!!
    I love this belt! It did take some getting used to as it's different than nearly every belt you ever owned as it has the strap on the inside instead of the outside. Very low profile and comfortable.

    I did have to go to a 38 as I usually wear 34 pants, but I usually wear my jeans slightly below the waist and I have a big ass.
    Not quite as thin as I expected. Never-the-less, much better than sitting on a bulky wallet. Good leather and well constructed. If this is your first magnetic money clip, get used to the clip. It grabs anything metal you might want to put in the same pocket. Credit cards aren't affected.
    Looks nice. Good size. Seems to work good. I'm a little disappointed in the spring tension, although it's not been a problem.
    These socks are so comfortable. For some background I am 6ft6 and about 230 with a size 14 shoe. I put about 5 miles of walking in per day. They have great stretch to them and they also stay where you put them. I have not experienced any sag after wearing them throughout the day. They are also not an overly hot/sweaty sock either. I have not had them all that long but they are still very soft after multiple washes. Always feel like a new pair right out of the bag. They only con I have noticed from these socks is they minimally shed. Never experienced this from any other socks before. I don't notice balls of fabric in my shoes they just slightly shed. I have been a golden toe sock user for probably 15 years. After a month of wearing these I donated the rest of my golden toe socks to charity. Time will tell if they lose their softyness. Buy these and you're welcome.
    Purse is cute and true to description. Love it!
    This meets all of my criteria for what I was looking for:
    1. Value - Price is really on par if not better than other brands but the premium cotton and tagless feature sold me. Pima would certainly be more soft and higher quality but would price would probably be 50% more at least. For my needs I didn't see the need to spend more for close to Pima cotton softness.
    2. Comfort - The premium cotton is nice, light, and soft. It's not heavy and bulky that you can't wear underneath other shirts but thick enough that you can wear it by itself. I've worn it to work with jeans. Being tagless also helps in comfort and the sleeve cuffs are hemmed smooth (more comfortable than the crew style IMO). Note that it's premium cotton not Pima cotton.
    3. Fit - This is a slimmer fit which is good for me being 5'4" 125 pounds. I haven't washed it yet but it should be even a better fit after a little shrinkage. Don't know how it will hold up afterwashes but will update if it doesn't hold up. I anticipate it should hold up to a year at least.

    1. I know it's the Hanes logo but red on white? It'd be nice if Hanes logo could be less visual on a white/light colored shirt.
    2. It would be nice if this was also available as a V-neck. V-necks look more appropriate as a stand-alone shirt (IMO).
    This purse is fantastic! I love that the color shifting is subtle under regular lighting- it makes it look iridescent and very classy. The purse has a lot of room and a little divider inside to help keep organized. I just wish that it was actually attached to the lining of the bag instead of loose
    Love these more than Fruit of the Loom, Hanes doesn't have that awful chemical smell either.
    This is my 2nd purchase from Doveggs. Why? Because this is THE BEST moissanite. I have a 900$ FB round brilliant ring from moissaniteco (and several other moissanites) and this is NICER! This ring is sturdy and beautiful. Totally classic. The other one I have is their elongated cushion. Also gorgeous and sparkly but its a little too flashy for the smaller city I live in. This ring is just right. My e-ring is a rare green garnet that is softer and so I worried about it. After going thru a few rings I decided on this ring. Classic simple beautiful comfortable sturdy. It shines and twinkles even in low light. Truly a beautiful piece of jewelry that is heirloom quality. I got this one because I didnt want the hearts and arrows cut and I wanted platinum plating (I dont like rhodium). This ring is beautiful. The stone is just better and more real looking than the 900$ FB moissanite. If you look and compare you'll find that you can pay over 1000$ for a diamond in this style, way more, and not be sure youre going to get a nice diamond but with moissanite theres no worry. This ring sparkles like a champ and I'm happy to wear it as my E-ring. Its so sparkly! With rainbows! Doveggs brand is quality. The price of this too low for what this ring is. Enjoy!
    I love how the hat slants and does not stand straight up
    Its exactly what I wanted! Instead of piling my credit cards in one slot, there's multiple slots for credit and debit cards! I've enjoyed it so far. I guess we'll see how long it lasts!
    This is a great had for shelter from strong sun. It fits well and is solidly constructed. It has very nice appearance and I would buy it again.
    Love these socks!
    gift to dad-great price
    Not sure why the review is asking me about shoe sizes but this wallet is pretty nice. When I first opened it I wasn't sure what exactly I was looking at and was concerned it was far too small and too cheap. I was thinking there was a slot for cash and a slot for cards but that's my fault for not looking close enough and maybe not being familiar with slim wallets like this in general.

    Bottomline, I am impressed with this wallet. I can't believe how small it feels in my front pocket and every time I pull it out I am relieved that it's not my huge LV wallet. I feel like I have my front pocket back.

    It's a little tricky sometimes to get to exactly what you want but I figure that's a small sacrifice for the benefit of such a small wallet.

    I have only used it for a couple of days so I cannot vouch for the durability but for the price it's definitely worth it.
    I love it . It's the perfect size not to big not to small. Well made. My daughter wants one now.
    I am loving these pants! I've had several pairs of Dickies shorts that I have been very happy with, so I decided to give these pants a try. These are very different than the classic Dickies workpants, featuring duck cotton. The material has a durable feel to it, but articulates well when I am power walking to the bus.
    Very good quality
    I like the color , good zippers & straps and the handle. Everything excellent.