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    Fits great, feels good, can wear with any type of shoes. Holds up well.
    Great size and perfect price
    when I got this anklet it was already turning. Do not buy unless you like to throw away money!!
    Read to buy a size larger, nope. True to size.Next pair will be his natural size. Nicely made. My son loves'm.
    These are great but they seem to be really frail. I already see my first pair falling apart from wear and tear, but I have only worn them for a few days.
    Cute earrings, easy to put in. Would buy again
    I love the fact that the hat is adjustable. I always had problems wearing normal "one size fits all" hats. The two pack deal made it especially appealing. Awesome quality product.
    I pleasantly surprised at the quality of the belt and buckle. The buckle has some good weight to it. Not flimsy. I do wish the belt itself was a bit wider. All-in-all, a great product!
    Jeans fit just as expected and I'm so content with them that I'm ready to buy another couple of pairs. Besides this their design looks pretty nice, too. Definitely recommendable.
    Perfect size and exactly as described!
    I will start this review by saying I am 5'5" and of average weight for my height (it's important to say this, trust me). I am constantly cold and have two large dogs that I walk three times a day, so I am outside in the New England weather every single day of the year, rain or shine, snow or heat. Anyway, my husband and daughter saw this product and thought it would be perfect for me since I dress in layers to go out during the colder months and am constantly cold. I was so excited to receive it and then I put it on and we all laughed and laughed at how humongous it is! Maybe it is meant to stay in the house only, knees tucked up like in the ads, but I never sit still enough to do that, so I wear it outside while walking the dogs and don't give a hoot what anyone thinks when they see me with this on. It is incredibly warm and reaches to my knees, so it keeps my legs warm also as an added bonus. It's not very fashionable at all though, so if you are into that sort of stuff (which I am not obviously) then this would be best to use in the house only. But, other than the obvious looking like you were swallowed up by a blanket look, this product is worth every penny!! The only complaint I have is that it is heavy on my shoulders if you wear it awhile, but I really shouldn't complain because I am WARM! Thank you for making this product!
    This is a great wallet! I tend to carry a lot of stuff in my wallet n i was able to fit it all in this one! My drivers license, 2 credit cards, my money n about 10 gift cards. And it doesn't look sloppy or anything. I highly recommend this wallet!
    nice fit
    Looks real! It's beautiful and fits perfectly.
    Great undershirts
    Ive worn these a few times and so far theyre pretty durable. Theyre cute and you can choose to wear 1, 2, or 3 of them at one time while changing their lengths up
    The watch is really cute, as is the box it came in. Unfortunately the thing can't keep time because the hour and minute hands are loose and will move with the slightest tap. My 5 year old daughter is now heart broken that her Frozen Watch doesn't work! Thanks a lot for that...
    Bought this for my grandmother and she absolutely loved it but not as much as she loved the box it came in I think. J/K
    Necklace looked just as advertised and easy to put on. Price was also great.

    Thanks for the great product.
    These were the best sunglasses I've ever owned. Then, I left them somewhere and no one will admit they have them. I've been watching my relatives closely and I haven't seen anyone wearing them. Yet, I know someone I know has them and they realize what a great pair of sunglasses they have on their hands and won't return them. But, I will find out who has them and I will get them back. I will get them back.
    Good product. Versatile. Will definitely keep you warm
    I think I have all the colors of your hats! Love them!
    Comfortable and worth the $$.
    my second set
    My daughter loved it. She loves jewelry and it was a special gift for a special 15th birthday. The bracelet is simple and pretty. Arrived on time as promised.
    This purse is awesome! It's nice looking,light and holds everything i need!
    El material es muy bueno
    The quakity of this ourse is amazing! I love that it is stiff and stands up on its own. The detailing is inpressive. I have received many compliments on how expensive thia item looks. It does have a smaller opening than i anticipated which makes it a bit hard to get into to find things.
    WAY TO BIG. Buy at least two sizes smaller than normal.
    Cheap, but well made sunglasses, that do exactly what they are intended to do while still looking good.