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mobile cases and covers customized

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    mobile cases and covers customized

    mobile cases and covers customized

    Very comfortable.
    Good sunglasses that dont look cheap
     This wallet is very good quality. It will hold all of your cards and your driver's license. The price was very good. I won't have to buy another wallet bore while. Thank you
    run a little big and the v-neck is huge. otherwise well made, comfy, and great value at fourteen bucks for six shirts
    I like it cause I figured it would be all bent n crushed but it was not it had good form yet and fits perfect
    Best jeans Ive ever had
    Should be made to hold more cards .i have 5 cards and it is very tight
    AWESOME! I NEED several more of these
    Cute earrings for Mickey lovers!
    This hat fit as expected. Good price.
    Having read others mentioning the size of the hat runs a bit on the large side, I ordered both a Medium and Small, which arrived the same day, same box. The medium I have is too large! I measure 21 7/8" and the small is just a bit tight, but definitely keeping it and stretching it just that little bit to make it perfect. The medium size swims atop my head (no reasonable amount of filler behind the headband is going to tighten this thing on my noggin). The small has nice "distress" markings and more evenness to the "fake distress" look compared to the medium I received (which looks almost UNdistressed actually). Clearly it's the luck of the draw here. I look great in this hat, and it seems quite durable, though I can also see how one could break the brim wire whilst doing the packing/unpacking/shaping/reshaping thing, and I reckon that will render the hat quite unseemly (as another reviewer mentioned). Highly recommended as long as you know this thing is not going to take all the abuse you can dish out (but for the price it's all good). If you need an absolutely crushproof hat, get a Tilley (I have an air flo model but it will not make you look nearly as cool, but it is awesome when you need to be seriously active outdoors in high temps and mid-70s dew points!).....
    Well designed and constructed.
    Exactly what I was looking for. Wears great and is thick and sturdy for holding my work belt as well without giving. Mechanism is reliable and let's me change the tightness.
    I have several Dickies of the same size and this one is one size smaller than stated. Too late to return.
    Optical quality not as good as Maui Jim. Vision with Oakley neither as clear or enhanced. Also seems to be a small area of misfocus on the periphery. Smaller than I expected, but adjusting to my big head.
    Very comfortable if you like burlap. Kind of like wearing fine sandpaper all day. Your skin will be irritated the entire time you are wearing them. The waist bands are not even completely sewn together and you can see the white elastic under the coarse fabric. Returned them immediately. Only suitable for the garbage. That bad.
    So cute! This clutch Is exactly what I was looking for . Plenty of space, great quality. I have gotten so any compliments on it already.
    Buying other pair! Great fit
    Small and compact, not having to carry a purse. Love it
    I like very much
    good though, better buy small if you are average
    If your hat size is 7.5 inches or bigger this hat will not fit.
    This was one of my Mr Wonderful's gifts. He carries one everyday and there are always a couple in the weekly laundry. Don't forget to wash them and use softener before use.
    " This wallet is a nice size. The compartments for credit cards are sturdy fabric and seem like they will resist tearing as my hard RFID wallet did. Very compact yet holds all the necessities "
    So pretty! Love the screw back so the backs dont get lost easily
    Great belt for men, got this for my husband and he loves the buckle because it's so easy to use. Fits perfectly
    Great product as usual...husbands favorite brand.
    Great variety ,ée-bandoulière-Broderie-perlée-Anneau